In the world of Berserk I killed countless enemies with a blow and tried playing adrenaline outbreak game "Berserk Musou" with a ghastly battle with the apostle

In 2002, the 6th Tezuka Osamu Culture Award Manga Excellence Award winning cartoon "Berserk" is a dark fantasy work developing multimedia such as animation, movies and games, and on October 27th (Thursday) 2016, Koei Collaborated with the Musou series of the popular game series of Tecmo GamesBerserk Musou"Will be released. The action of the hero's guts who knocks enemies together with big swords "Dragon Korosi" is exactly the same as the Musou series and you can also play the main character of the story such as Griffith, Zod, Caska, and experience a heavy story of Berserk I tried to actually play Berselk Musou.

Berserk Musou (PS 4 / PS 3 / PS Vita)

Play movies that are manipulating various characters such as Guts, Griffiths, Zod and so on can be confirmed from the following.

Guts playing movie in the game "Berserk Musou" to knock off the beast veteran trawl - YouTube

I tried Zod in the game "Berserk Musou" Griffith - YouTube

Game "Berserk Musou" The apostle confrontation between Zod and Grimberd - YouTube

"Berserk Musou" will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita. This time I will play Berselk Musou for PS 4.

Three play modes of "STORY MODE", "FREE MODE", "ECLIPSE MODE (infinite eroding mode)" are prepared for Berserk Musou, playing STORY MODE to experience the original story.

STORY MODE starts from "Golden Age Hen".

In the world of Berserk reproduced with beautiful graphics, familiar characters also appeared. I am pursuing the story of the original finely and I feel that I can truly experience the world of Berserk.

The game basically follows the Musou series and plays the battlefield depicted in Berserk by manipulating the guts.

A large number of enemies appeared in the field as unmatched. It is the transcendental pleasure that the original guts are intact as it goes down with the Bassabasa with the sword skill of the large amount of enemies.

As you advance the Golden Age, you will also be able to play major members of the group of falcons such as Griffiths, Caska and Judo. Griffith is quick saber, Caska uses body skill in addition to swordsmanship, and Jude uses plus knives in addition to two swords, this also reflects the original settings.

If you are an original fan, familiar "Dolde Dray Fortress Capture" or ...

You can also play 'Guts' hundreds slash'.

Of course Zod called "Immortals (Nosferatu)" also appeared. When first encountered, Gutz and Griffith will join forces to challenge Zod. The Zod who revealed the appearance of the apostle was too strong, and even though he was playing, the controller became drenched with sweat.

Griffith can also play scenes to apply for a battle to keep the guts determined to pass through the group of hawks.

Also, Wyaldo of the Black Dog Order Team that was not drawn in theatrical version animation appeared. The battle with Wyalde killing while screaming "Enjoy & Exciting" is impressive.

Game "Berserk Musou" Guts VS Wyaldo - YouTube

At the end of the Golden Age, you can play "eating" that is the liver of the story. The way the guts overcome the eating attacks of the apostles one after another in eerie space is entrusted to the players.

Play the eclipse of game "Berserk Musou" - YouTube

After the Golden Age struggle the battle with the apostle 's life was begun.

Game "Berserk Musou" Guts VS Acts (Earl) - YouTube

Pack and Ishiro ...

Characters such as Serpico and Farnese also appeared.

In the scene where farnes are attacked by evil spirits ......

On the line of the words "Keep on dying until the dawn breaks up", stages where Guts will continue to fight against evil spirits all night will come.

Game "Berserk Musou" Movie that Gats tears down evil spirits attacking Farnese - YouTube

Moses for the Inquisition.

Mozuks which feeds God Bless or God Senju Cannon (God Senju Cannon) is a strong enemy.

Game "Berserk Musou" Guts VS Mozukus - YouTube

At the hawk of the Millennium Empire (Millennium Falcon) he fights against evil spirits such as animal demons.

A witch sealke that emerges from the hawk of the millennium empire is a character that uses magic rather than sword and body skill. It is possible to battle other characters such as summoning a golem or drawing a magic square and it is a strong character against the cute appearance.

STORY MODE records until the end of the hawk of the Millennium Empire, plenty of volume. There is no doubt that it can be enjoyed if a person who has seen Berserk even once even reproduces the original fairly faithfully. Fans also pop out numerous adorable quotes. Also, even those who have never seen an original, theatrical version of anime, TV series can enjoy the heavy story of Berserk, and it is also ant to see original works and animation after playing Berserk Musou. Of course, not only will you just experience the story, but there are also elements of recreation such as strengthening accessories with various performances and skills, collecting Behreit where special images can be obtained, raising the level of characters.

In "FREE MODE", each stage can be played with a character different from STORY MODE. Everything is ant, such as experiencing eclipse in Serpico, challenging Mozuks with Zod.

You can see how Zod and Mosguus battled with FREE MODE from the following movies.

I tried to fight against Mosguus with the game "Berserk Muso" Zod - YouTube

In "ECLIPSE MODE (infinite eroding mode)", it operates a selected character and continues to defeat an enemy that attacks countless numbers. Various characters cast hope as a "craving" to players and will defeat enemies that keep infinitely boiling to make it come true.

In addition, "Berserk Musou" will be released on PS 27, PS 3, PS Vita on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

(C) Kentaro Miura (studio painting) · Hakusensha / Berserk Production Committee

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