A new high-power LED with a capacity of 1 kW is mounted on the drone and a new landscape appears

A self-made high power LED light with ten powerful LEDs output 100 watt is mounted on the drone, and the movie that shines the dark night forest from the sky has been released on YouTube. In that image, the way we see the new nature that we have never seen before is stored.

1000 W LED on a DRONE - RCTESTFLIGHT - YouTube

Homemade high power LED lighting installed in the drone.

With 10 powerful LEDs of 100 watts per unit, a high power of 1 kilowatt is achieved in total.

It is equipped with a dedicated battery for lighting and is remodeled so that it can be turned on and off by remote control operation.

In the dark night forest, turn on lights and start drone. In this scene, it seems that smoke is burned so that lighting stands out.

It's like a UFO arrived.

A pilot looking up at the drones that illuminate the ground from far above. It is a scene that is likely to be taken even in a different dimension.

Abandoned trees in the forest are also shabby

Two people walking on the truss bridge. It is wonderful that the expression of the bridge changes according to the movement of the drone.

There are also groves and floating in the dark night. I have never seen such a scenery.

Around this place the impression does not convey unless you have to watch the movie anyway. The expression of the shadow cast by the trunk and leaves of trees will change in a timely manner to accentuate the beauty of nature in accordance with the drone that moves around the movement.

It was a lighting device of LED + drone which seems to make it possible to express totally new lighting. In "rctestflight" which developed this device, we released movies such as camera shooting using drone, and the appearance when 1 kW LED light was developed is also released in the following movie.

1000 W LED Flashlight - Worlds Brightest (90,000 Lumens) - YouTube

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