The allegation intercepting the signal passing through the submarine cable by the ship emerged, experts denied

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From the 1970's using submarinesInterception, interception, alteration of submarine cable communicationThere was a story saying that it was done, but it is pointed out that not only submarines but also ships are participating in the activities.

Could a Russian Ship Be Messing With Syria's Underwater Internet Cables? | Motherboard

The story is that in September 2015 the Russian army ships "Yantar"Is suspected of being a spy act of an American nuclear submarine fleet offshore in Cuba. It is known that Younter is registered as a "naval vessel of the Russian Navy" and carries two autonomous submersible equipment. I am managing Internet traffic and monitoring the environmentDynDoes not Yanta intercept information on the submarine cables laid in the Caribbean Sea at the same time they explore the submarine fleet? I was suspicious.

A year after that, in October 2016, Dyn, who learned that Syria's Internet environment is becoming unstable, found out the cause, it turned out that the above-mentioned Younter came to offshore Syria did.

Dyn's state of the Syrian Internet environment in September and October 2016. Although the upper figure shows the number of unstable networks and the lower shows the number of available networks, it seems that the environment is unstable in October indeed compared to mid September.

Because YANTER is an "Ocean Observing Vessel", being in the Caribbean Sea or being off the coast of Syria itself is not strange, but maritime affairs blog ·H I SuttonTracked the movement of Yanter and found that it was moving close to submarine cables laid so as to connect Cyprus and Turkey and Syria across the Mediterranean Sea, just as the net environment became unstable It is said that agreement with the timing has been seen.

The positional relationship between the submarine cable and the yangster indicated by H I Sutton. This is at 16:46 on October 8, 2016, and Yantha is near the submarine cable connecting Cyprus and Turkey.

However, Julian Roll, a consultant of a submarine cable, has difficulty in physical contact because the submarine cable is not just passing the fiber, but a protective layer of considerable thickness around the fiber, If you try to make contact, it is said that it will invite inundation and affect the function of the submarine cable. Since the eastern part of the Mediterranean is an active seismic activity area, I commented that it might be the effect of earthquake activity.

Howard Kidorf, a fiber optic and communication expert, also showed skepticism that the communication interception at the end of the cable is much easier, regardless of whether cooperation can be obtained or not .

The Embassy of Russia in the UK commented to Motherboard, "I'm sorry, but I have not read the contents."

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