The Hadaka de Mouse discernible not only for cancer but also for longevity was found not to feel pain coming from heat

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I live under the desert soil, there is no body hair, mainly the QueenMasculinityUnusual mammalian with ecologyHadaka deerHowever, it became clear that it evolved so as not to feel pain coming from heat during the adaptation to the environment.

Hypofunctional TrkA Accounts for the Absence of Pain Sensitization in the African Naked Mole-Rat: Cell Reports

To deal with their miserable lives, naked mole rats have evolved to feel no pain | Ars Technica

Hadaka deer is a rodent that lives in the east of Africa and is an unusual creature that can form more than 100 herds. Besides the big characteristic that there is almost no body hair, it is a mouse with the singularity that it has a true social nature that only one queen mouse creates a child and the other individuals make a class society centered on the queen. In addition, it is known that Hadaka deer rats are highly resistant to aging, and it becomes clear that there are individuals that can not survive as much as 30 years and can live for as long as 30 years, such as other rodents Is an animal that has an important difference and is regarded as an important research subject of cancer prevention genes.

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With regard to such a Hakodate ratus, research teams such as Dr. Dummy Omekaćchi of Molecular Physiology of Somatic Sensation and others have found that losing a receptor which feels a pain of fever for a while after being born has been published and is presented in the scientific journal Cell.

The research team is trying to find out why he does not feel pain accompanying with thermal inflammation though living in a very densely underground groundwater fish with very little moisture and food and rubbing his skin all the time. I took out nerve cells and exposed it to capsaicin of ingredients contained in red pepper. Then he discovered that the amino acids of the TrkA receptor in sensory neurons were prevented from feeling pain. From here we conclude that Hadaka deer felt no pain from heat. Although the research team is born in a state that the Hadaka deer rats feel fever, it has also been found that the ability to feel fever is lost as it grows thereafter.

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According to Dr. Omegacyc et al., The harsh environment where Hadaka deer rats live is the cause of loss of the fever and painful receptor from Hadaka deer. In other words, Hadaka deer rats living with their skin rubbed against each other in a densely-packed state rub against their skin and generate painful heat, so they dare to degrade the feverish receptor to reduce this stress It is believed to have made it. For animals, feeling "pain" is necessary to recognize that some kind of harm has been done to the body and to respond, but in the life of the Hadaka deer rat in the ground, the merit obtained by losing pain is disadvantage That is why.

In addition, it is necessary to reduce the metabolism to the utmost limit so that a small amount of water and food can be used efficiently, and it is also pointed out that the metabolism may be reduced by eliminating the receptor.

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