Possibility that advanced security of the Internet causes negligence of users' safety measures

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Everyone who uses the Internet should have experience neglecting to change passwords on a regular basis and leaving them to be troublesome, finding products they want on the EC site, or feeling troubled by creating new accounts. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a research report on the possibility that this may be caused by "Security Fatigue" (security fatigue).

Security Fatigue

'Security Fatigue' Can Cause Computer Users to Feel Hopeless and Act Recklessly, New Study Suggests | NIST

Dr. Brian Stanton, a psychologist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, defines "security fatigue" as "fatigue caused by tackling computer safety measures", so that users are neglecting security measures on the Internet due to security fatigue The survey announced that it turned out that the survey turned out to be.

The research done by Dr. Stanton was done in a way called qualitative research used when collecting comprehensive data. The qualitative research is not to observe the reaction of the subject by a third party but to the research subject of the subjectInternal viewA way to emphasize. Dr. Staunton interviewed online shoppers, Internet banking, PC security, security software, etc. for Internet users of 20 to 60 years old gathered from various occupations and gathered data.

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Some subjects said, "I am tired of learning all passwords." "The more you do something useful on the Internet, the more security you need to be careful" "The account was vanned just by making a mistake in the password" It seems there were many people. Also, there are many people like "I can not understand why I am targeting cybercrime" "I do not feel there is a problem even if my data is stolen", these things are caused by security fatigue It is said that there is.

Dr. Stanton says, "By feeling security fatigue, users will become dangerous acts on the Internet." To put it briefly, by unilaterally pressing severe security, the user feels that "it is troublesome to do various safety measures", resulting in taking actions that neglect safety measures as a result about. Dr. Stanton said, "Because users connect to the Internet with PCs at work as well as at home, the adverse effects of security fatigue is very dangerous."

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Analysis of the collected data revealed that in order to relieve security fatigue and prevent users from taking dangerous actions, it is necessary to reduce the number of security decisions made by users and make simpler safety measures It turned out that the method such as is effective. Dr. Stanton plans to conduct research to investigate how users control security fatigue with sociologists, psychologists, cyber security experts, and so on.

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