Terarium containing Pikachu and Mewtwo and other Pokemon in glass monster ball "Pokeball Terrariums"

You can watch pokemon in a monster bowl with glass on the inside so you can appreciate itTerrariumAn artist who made 31 different kinds of artists appeared.

Pokeball Terrariums Are A Thing Now But The Demand Is So Big It's Hard To 'Catch' Them | Bored Panda

The most popular Pikachu in Pokemon is in Monster Ball with the diorama of Palette Town.

Hakkuu the original design faithfully reproduced

Eleven of a fresh looking expression.

A booster that can evolve from Eve

Similarly Evay derived Sanders

The first lyrics Pokemon One lizard, one of the three families. Several plants are also planted and it seems to be fun just looking at it.

Lizard evolved with a human lizard

Lizardard, the final evolutionary form of a human lizard. Every time it evolves, it seems that monster balls are getting bigger as well.

Fushigidane which is also one of the first Pokemon three families

Pippi seems to be at the Pokemon center.

Yadon has faithfully reproduced the design of the game.

Yadoran also says.

There was also a very rare Laplace with Pokemon GO.

Mewtwo, a legendary Pokemon, contains dioramas whose surrounding spaces are distorted.

Meowth feels the eyes are cowardly.

Matadas is in a poisonous plant area.

In addition to Sando ......




Tattoos and others, the first Pokemon that appears also in Pokemon GO has become a terrarium.

There were also collatta, but something strange that the balance of the head is ... ....

Not only the first Pokemon but also one of the Third Generation Pokemon's Mizugorrow turns into a terrarium.

Pokemon There is also a terrarium with 3 of 3 generations of Kimori, Achamo and Mizugorau as the third generation of Pokemon.

Mega Mewtwo Y which Mewtwa made mega saw also appeared.

Kai Oga is also a legendary Pokemon.

Furthermore, Bomanda and ...


Kirei Hana


Thirty-one terrariums, such as Kentaros, were produced.

These were also sold, but they are not mass-produced and are sold out at the time of article creation. Since it is about uploading new photos at about once a week, chances to get the Pokemon's terrarium would be wanted if you watch the author's Twitter account.

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