A case where the iPhone 7 Plus explodes can occur, and reports that the battery has expanded

Samsung's smartphone "Galaxy Note 7"Recall due to frequent occurrence of battery explosion accidentNow, it is reported that Apple's iPhone 7 Plus exploded in this case. In addition, it is reported that the battery has expanded despite not having much time since purchase.

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KroopthesnoopAccording to the user posted to reddit, kroopthesnoop's colleague received the reserved iPhone 7 Plus by mail and opened it, the iPhone 7 Plus got wrecked like the following image He said that he was. The iPhone 7 looks like it is open mouth openly, and from that situation it can be inferred that an explosion has occurred internally.

In the unopened package, there were marks that seemed to have been teared off with a strong force that was not about human power.

The back of the iPhone 7 Plus comes with dents and burnt marks. Kroopthesnoop expects that some problems occurred and the explosion occurred until iPhone 7 arrived after shipping from the factory.

Kroopthesnoop has broken iPhone 7 Plus imagePublished at Imgur. This caught the eye of Apple, as a result of discussion, we decided to exchange it for a new terminal. Apple seems to investigate broken terminals to clarify why this is the case.

Also, in Taiwan, the report that the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus suddenly bulges is attracting attention. A user named Ming Hao Peng connected iPhone 7 Plus, which passed about one week after purchase, to a third-party mobile battery that got Apple's official license and was charging it, but when you notice the battery looks like a picture It seems that it was expanding. It seems that the battery is expanding enough that the display floats up.

The reason why the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus expanded is not known at the moment.

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