Scientifically proved that drunkards can not judge exactly how drunk they are drunk


Everyone knows that excessive drinking is bad for your health,Person who is drunk in the cityAs I am, I may continue to drink as I am drunk while I do not know. It is necessary to judge firmly "how much you are drunk" at the drinking table, but scientifically proved that drunkards can not accurately grasp that they are drunk.

A rank based social norms model of how judge their levels of drunkenness whilst intoxicated | BMC Public Health | Full Text

Science shows that drunk people do not know how drunk they are | Ars Technica

A research team at Cardiff University in the UK wrote about the bars and clubs in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, "How much people drinking at alcoholic drinks can judge their" drunkness "and the effect of drinking on health "I investigated that it is. The research team went to four different areas of Cardiff at 20 o'clock and 3 o'clock on Friday and Saturday every week, and we asked for the cooperation of the survey on the seventh drunk and got a total of 1862 people 's cooperation It was. This selection method is "to randomly select one person from a different group".


When the request was accepted, the research team conducted a breath alcohol test of the collaborators and recorded accurate drunkenness levels. After that, it is a survey method to ask the collaborators the following four questions.

1: How long have you been drunk now? Please answer with 1 (absolutely calm) to 10 (completely drunk).
2: How much did you drink tonight? Please answer with 1 (not drinking at all) to 10 (completely to the limit).
3: If you get drunk at the end of every week as much as tonight, how long do you think health will come up in the next fifteen years? Please answer with 1 (absolutely not getting upset) ~ 10 (surely bringing upset).
4: If I get drunk as much as tonight at the end of every week, how much possibility do you think will result in cirrhosis in the next 15 years? Please answer with 1 (absolutely not) to 10 (sure).

If I had fun playing with clubs and bars late at night, the situation that the researcher suddenly asked the question like the above seems like a joke, but as a result of comparing the results of the breath alcohol test with the answers to the questions People drinking in the "alcoholic drinking room" actually do not accurately grasp the alcohol concentration in the blood, it turned out to be based on the state of people around "judging whether to drink more" did.

People who are drunk in this survey have found that there is a high possibility of seeing people around and underestimating their condition. I think that there are people who have seen a person who was drunk at the party and blacked out, but at that time he got drunk and should have felt "I am calm." From this it is understood that people tend to recognize their state by seeing "people who are not drunk at all" rather than referring to "the person who is the most drunk."


Because of this trend, the lowest value of "the person who is not drunk at all" rises steadily when everyone is drinking in the "sake seat", so more people drink too much. Therefore, the research team anticipates that if you increase the number of people like a steering keeper that does not drink alcohol, you can suppress drinking too much.

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