IBM and MIT announced that they will cooperate in research to give artificial intelligence visual and auditory cognitive power like human beings

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is remarkable, and it develops to compete with universities and research institutions around the world including IT companies such as Google and Facebook. Meanwhile, IBM and MIT announced that they will collaborate on research with the aim of "enhancing AI's understanding of real world video and sound."

IBM News room - 2016-09-20 IBM Research and MIT Collaborate to Advance Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World Audio-Visual Comprehension Technologies - United States

IBM and MIT are jointly developing AI "IBM-MIT Laboratory for Brain-inspired Multimedia Machine Comprehension (BM 3 C)"Was launched. At BM 3 C, Professor James Dicarlo from MIT's Brain Cognitive Science Division was appointed to the top,MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory(CSAIL) and IBM's super computer "Watson" development team will participate.

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The development goal of BM3C is to develop "AI with human visual cognitive ability and auditory recognition power". For example, human beings can recognize the situation individually by recognizing multiple people and objects appearing in the image, and predict what kind of motion the subject will move afterwards. However, in the current AI, I can not work. The aim of BM 3 C is to create an AI with human-like vision and hearing awareness by introducing the human brain mechanism into AI who is not good at object identification and behavior prediction.

BM3C representative Dicarro said, "In the world where people and machines cooperate together, the evolution of AI's visual cognitive power will make our lives more healthy and productive," , I talk about the significance of BM3C.

BM3C does not develop specific products and services, but adding AI developers as well as brain cognitive neurologists experts may make it possible to develop AI that acquires more human ability there is. In addition, by integrating the experiment process and research results separately conducted at IBM · MIT, development speed of AI technology is increased, and it is expected that it can contribute to establishment of AI technology in various industries such as medical, education, entertainment It is.

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