How did HR Giger design and create the terrifyingly beautiful and unique monster 'Alien'?

The movie 'Alien', released in 1979, was a great success by faithfully three-dimensionalizing the illustrations of

painter and designer HR Giger. The secret story of the birth and the secret of the production, how the alien that was not scary but also beautiful was created, is published on YouTube.

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The appearance of aliens in the movie 'Aliens' released in 1979 overturned the image of monsters that people had until then.

This alien was designed by Swiss painter and designer HR Giger.

Giger is a designer who studied architecture and industrial design in Zurich and was already a successful artist before he was involved in the production of aliens.

What Giger creates is surreal yet mechanical ...

At the same time, it contained a sexual element.

Giger's influence on the world of cinema is great, and even those who have never seen aliens can see Giger's influence in contemporary film and game art.

However, it is very rare for a dark, disturbing work, such as Giger's work, to have a commercial appeal. What kind of story was there?

Giger became involved in the film in 1977. After seeing Giger's collection of airbrush paintings, impressed film director

Ridley Scott and filmwriter Dan O'Bannon contacted Giger.

At this time, 'Xenomorph' that appeared in the collection of works was the original design of the aliens that later appeared in the movie.

This is the design of Zenomorph. In making the film, the two emphasized faithful reproduction of Giger's design.

Giger's design was a perfect blend of science fiction, industrialism and abstract images, and was exactly what the two wanted to make the film a futuristic atmosphere.

In short, Giger's design was an integral part of the film.

In addition to Zenomorph, the planet LV-426 that appears in the film is also based on Giger's design.

From the landscape ...

Everything, from the spacecraft to the spacecraft, is faithfully crafted to Giger's design.

Until the aliens were released in 1979, the monsters in horror movies were based on creatures on Earth, such as spiders, sharks, and wolves.

However, what Giger produced was different from any of the designs that were popular in the 1970s.

A terrifyingly beautiful, genuine 'alien' was created by fusing machines and living things.

It was a very difficult task to turn a Zenomorph, which was originally drawn in 2D, into a 3D work.

Therefore, Giger himself was greatly involved in the modeling of Zenomorph and the creation of movie sets.

Such a two-dimensional work ...

It will be like this when it is made three-dimensional.

Also, because Giger is from industrial design, the alien structure is practically made, such as 'another mouth is housed in the long head.'

At this time, the alien lips are made of condoms ...

A real human skull was used for the forehead.

Also, the characteristics of movie aliens are that the creatures take the form of 'parasitizing humans and growing', and that one expert in the work is the origin of the aliens and 'why attack people'. Is that it cannot be explained.

Therefore, the viewer of the movie will understand the ecology of aliens not by words but by the 'visual' element of the experience of the characters in the work.

The growth and evolution of the alien creature itself is the 'story,' or core of the film.

Moreover, unlike the typical panic movie where monsters have weaknesses, aliens are immortal. One of the unique things about the movie is that the way to survive is one of the 'escape' because the characters die when you try to kill them.

The story changes, and 'Jaws ' is one of the movies that created a tense horror without showing the appearance of monsters in the video ...

Jaws' fear diminishes when it comes to close-up footage in bright places.

However, aliens look anxious to viewers not only in dark places, but also in bright places from any angle.

Aliens aggravate the viewer's fear just by glancing at them. However, at this time, not only is it scary, but it is also the attraction of aliens that makes viewers want to see it for some reason. This is because Giger wanted to make the aliens beautiful.

'Monsters aren't just unpleasant, they're beautiful in a way. The movements are graceful and supple,' Giger said.

The aliens created in this way have become one of the most influential design creatures made in the 20th century.

Starting with one movie, many works such as games, movie sequels, and manga have been produced, and even now, nearly 40 years later, they still have the power to excite and scare people.

And in the 40 years since the aliens were born, no character has the power of an alien, and it is still a unique 'beautiful and terrifying nightmare.'

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