So low-cost PC SoC "Apollo Lake" appears quietly from Intel

"Braswell" successor x86 micro architecture SoC "Apollo LakeIt was said that it will appear in the second half of 2016, but it turned out that Intel was released quietly.

Intel Quietly Launches Apollo Lake SoC: Goldmont CPU, 6 SKUs, 6 & 10 Watts

Intel quietly releases "Apollo Lake," new low-cost chips for cheap PCs | Ars Technica

Seventh generation Core processor "Kaby LakeIntel has just announced the release of a large amount of Intel is for the low price 2in1 PC and notebook PC with Goldmont-based product which was delayed development, 14nm CPU core · Goldmont, and 9th generation GPU · Skylake installed SoC "Apollo Lake"Has been released.

Apollo Lake has six chips totaling three Intel J series desktop chips and three N - series mobile chips. Although this increases power consumption, it will operate at lower clock speed than Braswell of the previous generation. Also, TDP (Thermal design power) Is 6 W to 10 W, you can see that it is higher than 4.5 W of the Y series used in Kaby Lake.

Both mini desktop PCs and notebook PCs using Braswell are sold at price ranges of about 300 dollars (about 31,000 yen) to 400 dollars (about 41,100 yen), but with the advent of Apollo Lake, It is expected that low-cost PCs of price range of 200 dollars (about 20,000 yen) or less will appear.

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