Back to the Future's Delorians transform into a Jacuzzi spa for parties

Speaking of time machines appearing in the movie 'Back to the Future'DerolianIt is nothing else, and around the worldFans who stick to fine details and reproduce the BttF specificationAndFans who make video works by themselves,andStanford University will make Delorian who will fully drift driftThere are quite a lot of customized Delorians such as. Among such circumstances, it can be said that it is particularly individual, "Deluxer with jacuzzi spa specificationIt seems that a project called customization to make it hard to understand what the person is saying was said to have been done.

DeLorean Hot Tub Time Machine - Super-Fan Builds - YouTube

This project was released on the YouTube channel "AWE me"Super-Fan BuildsIt is called a series. In this series, for the big fans (super fans) such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc., we are publishing images to create items with one off.

In this time, Shane Hammond, who has served as a creative director in numerous films, is responsible for the modification of Delorian.

Mr. Hammond seems to have been involved in a movie, such as the movie "Iron Man".

And Brandon who is a big fan of the back-to-the-future series is a super fan who was chosen this time.

Brandon says that he was not interested in cars at all when he was a child ... ...

It seems that I was totally deprived of my heart by watching Delorian at back-to-the-future, and that it was a super fan after that.

Brandon has a 9 - year - old daughter Ireland, but he seems to be a super fan of the work as well as Brandon.

Mr. Brandon's wish is to get a Delorian that can entertain guests with minibar at home garage.

It seems that you want something that makes you happy when various friends come along.

Therefore, Mr. Hammond invented was "Jacuzzi spa which remodeled Delorian".

Mr. Hammond will visit "Delorian · Motor · Cars (DMC)" company which gave birth to Delorian.

DMC still continues to preserve and restore Delorian, and customize it for back to the future fans.

"I think that I will put a bathtub in this Delorian," Hammond said. The store clerk of DMC unexpectedly "OK, let's go see the car body behind the shop," Sunnari accepted.

On the back of the shop, the body which is put as part picking is slurry.

A clerk who points to "There is a frame of Delorian over there".

A skeleton of Delorian which has hardly been seen. The material is made of FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic), and it has a structure to screw the stainless steel silver outer plate on this.

Mr. Hammond bought a car body and various parts and went home.

Delorian was brought in work warehouse.

Remove all body panels.

I will do the work of placing the FRP body which it bared in on an iron frame. This is to make sure not to fall apart when cutting the body in the work after this.

Cutting the body of FRP with grinding with a blade of a high-speed rotating grinder ... ... a waste ... ....

I cut out the front part of the frame and the floor part secretly.

And I brought mock-up of the bathtub I made in another place.

In this way, we will check the size etc. together with the actual car body.

A wood deck made of 2 × 4 material was created around the actual bathtub. A little feeling like a resort came out little by little.

Because Brandon is a super fan of Back to the Future, it is not convinced at all by usual design Delorian. For that reason, Mr. Hammond will ask the experts for details of the work while watching the photographs of De Lorean who appeared in the movie.

Staff for metalworking cut the panel ... ....

Another staff welded it.

Have the blue LED tape on the car body ......

I attached a welded panel from above.

The image is a state of Delorian at the moment of time slipping.

And then, creation of a suspension.

In this way, it is made with a special version that puts the wheel sideways.

I gradually became like a movie de lorian.

Here, Michelle, the host of the show, came carrying something.

"Hey, I brought it" and said that ...

Replica of flux capacitor. Without this, Delorian will not be completed.

Mr. Michelle was also excited about gull wing which was remodeled to open with one remote control. It is a device that the party seems to be excited.

Also, the lower part of the body is equipped with an electric actuator whose length varies.

When the switch is turned on ... ...

The car body slowly lifted. Actually, putting a bathtub as it is on the car body is too low on the back, so it is a strategy to secure the space by lifting the car body with the actuator.

Work finally is over. Attach the actual bathtub ......

Finished with details finished.

"At last the moment of face-to-face"

The garage of Mr. Brandon opened, and what I saw there ......

A delightfully glowing Delorian placed in front of the garage.

Brandon and girlfriend, and daughter Ireland are also excited. The two on the right are Mr. Saint Deep and Michelle who are hosts.

Michelle says "If you push this switch like this ..."

Gullwing rises! Mr. Brandon mischievously sprains words with no sense "Oh Sxxt!"

Here, Mr. Brandon demonstrates "otaku" as "The Delorian of the version that fly in this sky, the license plate must be" 2015 ". "Well, take a look," and if you look into it ... ...

There is the character "SUPERFAN".

"Great, is not it ... ..." three people who are worried.

Mr. Hammond, who was in charge of production here, joined. Two people hugging with joy.

By saying the 2015 specification Delorian, of course, the rear is equipped with a nuclear fusion power generator "MR. FUSION". By the way, MR.FUSION which appears in the movie is a prop built by diverting a commercially available coffee mill.

Inside the car there is also a flux capacitor brought in by Mr. Michel. However, it seems that the overall atmosphere is getting close to parties, including being lit up with a blue LED.

Start party at once!

To Brandon who sticks to the jacuzzi, the service that Doku Brown similarly handed out a drink.

Brandon who answers "Yeah!" Asked "Are you enjoying?" It is not an experience that is such as putting it in a jacuzzi among the delorean.

In this way the party will continue. The next place is a little worrisome which works will be a motif.

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