"Singing road" where you can hear a song when running at the correct speed is all over the world

When you are driving a car, you may encounter roads where music melodies are played by passing over the fine concavities and convexities on the surface of the road. Such roads exist not only in Japan but also in Achikochi around the world, and one of the roads representing America "Route 66It seems that it is also made.

If You Drive The Right Speed, This Musical Highway Will Play You a Song | Travel | Smithsonian

Route 66, which had crossed the majority of the Americas with Chicago, Illinois, and Santa Monica, California, was a road that was also closely involved in the history of the development of the American West. However, connecting the cities of the United StatesInterstate · Highway(Interstate freeway) gradually ended its function, and in 1985 it was abandoned. However, even after the disposal line, the name "Route / Sixty Six" is still living in American culture as one icon.


In the city "Teheras" which is close to Albuquerque, New Mexico where such "Route 66" passes, hands have been added so that the highway which was once Route 66 literally "sings". A movie that actually recorded a melody in the car, passing through the area by car.

New Mexico "Musical Highway" Plays America the Beautiful - YouTube

When playing the movie, you can see that the road noise of the tire plays a faint melody. The song being played is the part of chorus of the love national anthem "America The Beautiful" that sang the beauty of the American landscape.

By the way, the original song of "America The Beautiful" is like this.

America The Beautiful - Annie Karto - YouTube

This road is made to be able to hear a melody properly when traveling at a legal speed of 45 miles per hour (about 72 km / h). If you run at a speed faster than that, you will be able to hear as a song just because the melody's pitch gets higher, but it's only 45 miles per hour that you can listen to the original song It seems to be supposed to be.

Regarding the purpose of processing, the traffic authorities in New Mexico Province states "to get the driver to run at the speed set by the driver and to give a little surprise to the driving of the highway that tends to be bored."

Furthermore, when processing this road, the National Geographic is leaving the actual state in the documentary.

Musical Highway - YouTube

Processing is done in a certain factory.

Apparently, he seems to be cutting an L-shaped steel "angle".

The trimmed angle is aligned on an iron plate, and it is accurately positioned and welded in millimeters.

Walking highway above the highway. I am going to process it to the road surface from now.

Where the asphalt pavement was covered with a burner and softened ... ...

Place the steel plate welded with the angle just before and transfer the concavo-convex to the road surface by pressing down from the top.

In this way, a road playing a sound is made.

The rest is just a continuation of work.

The depth of the groove is about one finger.

Spray a clever sound indicating that it is a section of "singing road"

A sign written with "If you want to listen to songs". Perhaps next speed indication such as "Please drive at 45 mph" will continue.

Actually running at 45 miles per hour ....

Like the movie at the beginning, I heard the melody of America the Beautiful properly.

In addition, because it is a historical route 66, we also run old American cars on the program.

It seemed that he enjoys a middle-American experience of running Route 66 on a classic car and listening to "America the Beautiful".

In addition, such roads are dotted around the world. In Denmark, it is made to play melody by making unevenness on the road surface with white paint that draws center line etc.

The Asphaltophone - road melodies - YouTube

In the state of California, America, there seems to be a road singing "William Tell Overture".

Musical Road: Lancaster, California - YouTube

Of course there are also in Japan. In the vicinity of Mt. Fuji there is a road playing a singing song "Mt. Fuji", and even in a movie it can be seen to see the melody flowing with "♪ Fuji is ~ to ___ ___ _ I can do it.

Musical Road in Japan - YouTube

In the past, it seems that Honda of the United States carried out the project in some cases. In the latter half of the movie, you can hear the actual melody, but it may be a pain to discriminate the song. This song also sounds like "William Tell Overture", but the truth is unknown because there is no explanation anywhere.

2009 Honda Civic Musical Road - YouTube

◆ bonus
As mentioned above, Route 66 has penetrated as a symbol that symbolizes America. It is also in the music world, the song "Route 66" continues to be sung as a standard song. In 1946 the version sung by Nat King Call was a huge hit.


We also cover the original Eagles' Glenn Fly.

Glenn Frey - Route 66 - YouTube

"Route 66" by seemingly sexy Diana Krall is also cool and pretty nice.

Route 66 - Diana Krall - YouTube

The Manhattan Transfer of the A · Capella group also sings with a splendid harmony.

"Route 66" - The Manhattan Transfer (2008) - YouTube

Route 66 is originally Jazz 's standard song, listening to a lot of calm songs, but even if arranged to rock, it will be born into a pleasant song. Route 66 by John Mayer is born into a rock and roll tune with a sense of drive feeling.

Route 66 - John Mayer (with lyrics) - YouTube

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