"Shin · Godzilla" Godzilla's tremendous strength and fearsome new trailer that stands out

A new trailer for the film "Shin Godzilla" released from July 29, 2016 has been released. Shin Godzilla 's trailer has been used for a long time in April, but this new trailer was created by Hideaki Anno himself edited. It was rumored that a new trailer is flowing in the movie theater such as TOHO Cinemas since July, but it seems to be another thing.

"Shin · Godzilla" announcement 2 - YouTube

"Screenplay / General Director Anno Hideaki"

The appearance of people who are escaped

To call for evacuation, a running fire engine

Godzilla going to cross the residential area

Government ministers and others who are forced to respond to Godzilla appear, but both are very heavy atmosphere.

It seems that we are planning measures, Yaguchi Rando (rightmost) and others.

For Godzilla, the SDF will set off an attack ... ...

Although hitting, Godzilla does not seem to have been damaged at all.

Furthermore, when you lay a line of defense you can see the attack repeats against Godzilla, but the result is ... ....

It is the body of Godzilla who is blinking red in the dark.

And the roar sounds.

"Shin · Godzilla"

What in the mouth and dorsal fin of Godzilla shining purple?

CMs prepared for TV are also available on YouTube.

"Shin · Godzilla" TVCM 1

The first one is a trailer feels Godzilla's enormity, going through the feet of Godzilla.

Another one is an orthodox trailer in which various characters appear.

"Shin · Godzilla" TVCM 2

"That is Godzilla," Yaguchi.

According to the narration "There is hope in Japan", the battle with Godzilla and the appearance of the people running around to counter Godzilla will be displayed.

In addition, on Toho MOVIE channel of YouTube, an interview by Director Higuchi Shinji is also released.

"Shin · Godzilla" Director Shinji Higuchi Director IMAX Special Interview - YouTube

According to Higuchi, it is said that it will be "nonstop" from around 1 hour and 10 minutes. Also, as a Japanese movie, he seems to use an aerial photograph from a helicopter to see an example.

"Shin Godzilla" also has an IMAX version, but since it is said that it is private from July 29th to August 10th, people planning to go to see, do not miss it after checking the schedule Please.

By the way, the trailer flowing in TOHO Cinemas is a different thing, so if you are interested please visit the theater by all means.

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