One Festival 2016 [Summer] General dealers need attention work Summary

Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 10 am - 5 pm at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1 - 8 HallWonder Festival 2016 [Summer]Will be held. This time a movie released from July 29Shin · Godzilla"Takefui Takayuki's exhibition of No. 1 model for shape examination andYuji Kaida· Maeda Masahiro Reproduction Original Picture Exhibition, Further Anno Hideaki Produce · Kaiyodo Production by Takaya Takayuki Prototype ""Shin · Godzilla" skeleton replica figure"Commercialization announcement, August launch Anno Hideaki responsible editor" Shin · Godzilla "official record collection"The Art of Shin GodzillaWe are planning to release the latest information such as "

So, while various figures including special effects such as Godzilla are being sold every one time in one festival, it is something that supports itThe day copyright systemMechanism that it is. It is a revolutionary system that letting the copyright which becomes effective only in the hall for one day be gathered for the general public and making it possible to legally sell it in the position of the same "dealer" as a company etc, and licensed ones Although it is only, it clears the right problem which tends to be complicated. So, I tried roughly from the general dealer which is said to be the biggest feature of such One Fes, centering on the essential work of this one festival 2016 [summer].

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One festival 2016 [Summer] General dealers Necessary works Summary of continuation - GIGAZINE

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