Headline news on 7th July 2016

Circle K Sunkus's "Jumbo Yakitori" series will celebrate 5th anniversary from the start of sales, the 5th anniversary commemorative product "bevel cartilage" from July 19th (Tue) will appear with 1.5 million foods only. The price is 128 yen including tax. From July 26th to August 1st, it is said that a 20 yen discount sale of the jumbo baking series will be held, so do not miss this opportunity if you want to eat.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Absolutely a nightmare, Google's artificial intelligence "DeepDream" if you create a movie a movie - GIGAZINE

"How long can you become happy when you sleep" is found by analyzing the life log data of hundreds of thousands - GIGAZINE

Giant Robo "Kratas" Reveals Response to the Challenge from America on YouTube - GIGAZINE

The opinion that "10,000 hour rule" that can be a top class in 10,000 hour exercise is not universal appeared - GIGAZINE

I bicycled to higher elevation than Mt. Fuji to approach Ecuador's highest peak "Chimborazo" - GIGAZINE

Japan's beverage maker was too strong and the sprite of Coca-Cola Company was Galapagos. - GIGAZINE

Free open source software "Pyrit" to find passwords by analyzing WPA / WPA 2 - PSK of wireless LAN with GPU at ultra high speed - GIGAZINE

The city of Arizona swallowed by a huge sandstorm reminiscent of the end of the world - GIGAZINE

Can also take a commemorative photo with Sanji and Luffy USJ "Sanji's Pirate Restaurant" - GIGAZINE

Cosplayers who make hot summer LA gathered at "Anime Expo 2010" - GIGAZINE

Strangely named kids are proved by statistics that they are easy to handle crime - GIGAZINE

The world's longest concert held over 639 years - GIGAZINE

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~ Mitsuya Cider Tsukaima drinking ~ The world's most interesting Youtuber I found www - YouTube

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World's first achievement in "Hitomi" test observation of abandonment operation | NHK News

On the Hitomi astronomical observation satellite that abandoned the operation due to an artificial mistake, JAXA = detailed study of the data obtained by the Aerospace Exploration Agency at the test observation made it difficult to observe black It was found that we were able to capture the movement of high temperature gas around the hall for the first time in the world, and it was also posted on the nature of UK science magazines.

Around the thesis "From different world" papers: Proof of 'ABC prediction' by Mochizuki Shinichi and fight of mathematics world «WIRED.jp

Data that you want to keep in mind before data mining, materials that understand the basics of statistics 15 selections

Project to build a spaceship refueling base on the earth orbit by US companies, etc. | Slad Science

'Healthy aging' Mother's DNA has influence or research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

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Mr. Takashi Uesugi journalist is Governor of the Governor 's Election! Amazing for Mr. Yuriko Koike

Reception fee without television? Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications around NHK Discussion: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Stop dealing in real estate funds in Britain successively | NHK News

Also, two other Asset Management companies also froze the deal on real estate funds due to the surge in demand for cancellation, and the total investment of funds frozen so far is 9 billion pounds (about 1 trillion 2000 yen in Japanese yen Billions of yen).

Increase confusion of UK real estate funds, increase to 7 stops of cancellation | Reuters

The movement to stop the cancellation of the UK real estate fund will not stop. The asset management company which terminated the cancellation after the British referendum on June 23 who decided to withdraw from the European Union (EU) will be seven companies by the 6th and will be 18 billion pounds ($ 23 billion) in 2008 It is the largest since the financial crisis.

Panic with the withdrawal from the EU and four further suspended cancellation of real estate investment funds - Bloomberg

Suspension suspension of the UK real estate fund as a background of intense pound selling

It was a real estate fund managed by a UK financial institution called Standard Life, which announced suspension of cancellation. So why did you announce the cancellation cancellation? It is because it is rush to cancel surrender and judging it is difficult to respond to everything.

It is believed that the British June Construction PMI announced on 4th was a trigger for the cancellation hope. The index was considerably worse as compared with the forecast of 50.7 and the result was 46.0. The prediction that foreign companies that had been investing due to the EU so far will no longer invest in the UK and that the existing base will be raised considerably has already been spread. As it came there and the important indicator of construction PMI was clearly worsening, it was the cause of the cancellation rush.

By stopping cancellation of Standard / Life, panic spread to British real estate stocks. Other real estate funds also stopped cancellation, and some funds fell by as much as 10%. It seems that this real estate fund riot has contributed to the intense pound selling on 5-6 days.

But this trend reminds me of the disgusting event 9 years ago. At the subprime loan shock in the summer of 2007, the subprime loan problem surfaced at the end of July, the global stock market fell.

Four-party constitutional amendment, Asahi Shimbun approaching two-thirds · Upper House election survey: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Popular AV actress · Saki Kosai accused real name! "Criminal / civil proceedings are forced to appear in the performance" | Scoop Bulletin - Weekly Bunshun WEB

ATM illegal withdrawal: "5.5 million yen in Tokyo" arrested two men - Mainichi Newspaper

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Energy Drink Mania and others got hooked on energy drink swamp Summary - Togetter Summary/

"Parispi" in the Tama river BBQ regulation and tremendous at the loud volume: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I have never seen such a hot weather day (Nikkan Forecast) - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

The minimum temperature in Tokyo this morning was 21 degrees 9 minutes, although the dawn was relatively cool, it has risen to 36 degrees 7 minutes by 1 pm. The daily difference between the lowest temperature and the highest temperature was 14.8 degrees, which was the maximum in July as the past 141 years.

Mahou 's regular meal with rice, recipe for infinite green peppers - Togetter Summary

"No relationship wishing to get married" No young people increase | NHK News

Private laboratories summarized the survey results that 20% of single men in their twenties who have contacts were 20% male and 30% female, significantly lower than the results of eight years ago. Twenties who are "wanting to get married in the future" are also decreasing, and the experts point out that "the admiration for love is gone by the young generation".

Nagoya is "unattractive city" 1st place shocked by citizens ...

Kokoichi to open stores in Britain and India Challenge "authentic" in Japanese style: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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【Quick News】 HTC, VR Headset "Vive" officially announced domestically. Price cut to 99,800 yen - Sales and experiencing reservations started at stores nationwide - PC Watch

Story of loss of body sensation in HMD controller such as Oculus Touch and Vive, comparison of finger operations, precautions on transplanting both contents, etc. - Togetter Summary

SmartNews Provides Bulletin Board Breaking News | Smart News, Inc.

Mizuho Bank Next term system related summary - Akio's Log

Even though it says "It is going to collapse", it is unlikely that this size project will be interrupted so easily, but the worst thing is that it will continue as long as you do not repartition it in the current situation think. The on-site engineers are just crushed. Nonetheless, the location of responsibility is ambiguous in multi-vendor regime, and from the past history, it seems that banks and vendors do not want to take responsibility anywhere, but they are going to press everything on subcontractors. I wonder if it will not be possible without a crane from the Financial Services Agency.

Everyone in the field engineers, please return safely. There are many more decent projects in the world, so please escape at last.

Talk of working with 200,000 people a month alone - SE living 17,000 years - - Special natural monument

Sakura Internet, 'Sakura no Cloud' new price plan 'Discount Passport' will be available on July 7

Photoshop CC's "distortion tool" that corrects small faces in 3 minutes, should be the long-awaited function ... - Togetter Summary

Nihon Unisys Flyer Japan 's first enterprise offering "book summary offering service" to be launched - July 6, 2016 - Nihon Unisys

Virus rapid increase at "Delivery date and time information of courier" | NHK News

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Koosuke Fujishima married Megumi Gagami "Late 8 days" Tanabata Report "Take a Trance" - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

KIRBY CAFE | Kirby Cafe

If there was a cafe in Kirby 's world .... With Waduldi who works hard and a hospitality of Kirby who is in charge of pinch-eating, full of tummy and spirit!

Painful news (No ∀ `): One piece to serial one of the month" Long-term serialization is all the culprit "and stiff voice - livedoor blog

PS 4 "Idol Master Platinum Stars" Character PV ~ Hoshii Miki ~ - YouTube

To everyone who supports 'Kumamiko' - TV anime 'Kumamiko' official website

Regarding TV animation "Kumamiko"
First of all, with the formal permission of the original and monthly comic flapper editorial department,
Under the agreement of the consensus of the animation production staff and the production committee, including the director / screenwriter,
We will inform you that it is produced based on the appropriate process.
Subsequently, comics, animation,
Thank you for supporting "Kumamiko".

Yoshimasu. • We apologize for not having made mischief due to a previous remark at this time. ...

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[EURO] Portuguese finals for the first time in three tournaments 1 G 1 A with Wales sinking by C · Ronaldo | Gexaca [Kodansha]

◆ EURO ◆ semi-final result Portugal × Wales result Krylona 1G1A1 Portuguese final on the big success of regretful FK! (All goals)

Messi prison sentenced to 21 months! There is grace of enforcement and it seems that imprisonment will escape "I believe my father and a lawyer": footballnet [soccer summary]

The waves of feelings disappeared from Masaya Yoshida. Is it wrong that players get angry with the director? - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

About the article of Weekly Bunshun - Ogikido style BLOG

Regarding my personal article on "Weekly Bunshun" released today, I wrote a detailed account on the radio on July 6 broadcast, but I will report again.

In the summer of 2015, I told my wife the fact that I had a favor with a woman who had a relationship with a friend before, and my hope of divorce.

After that, while continuing to live separately for over half a year, we have held divorce talks with my wife.

While I live separately, I went to my wife 's house and took care of my household chores and children.

However, as we continued the divorce talks, as a result of conflicting with the choice of having a number of meetings with the children limited, and choosing to separate from the wife who was accompanying each other, we decided to resolve the relationship with that woman.

Currently I am discussing the future of my wife and my family.

In the meantime, the article was posted.

Thanks to this newsletter, we have raised a lot of concern to the surrounding people who support usual.

More than anything, due to my immaturity, I deeply hurt my family and the other woman.

From now on, I will continue to discuss with my family and I want to think seriously.

Also, in terms of work, I also want to win your trust by fulfilling my own role.

Ogigami Tiki

Does "successive two - part work" which increases to Japanese movie masterpiece have been successful? | ORICON STYLE
In January 2015, "Advance Giant ATTACK ON TITAN" Previous article

Rio Olympic Commemorative Coin Reservation from 11th | NHK News

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3M Japan, releasing a handy "Scotch guard waterproof spray immediate effect"

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