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A statue is placed at the storefront of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), and its face is also used for packages and signs, which is widely known as "Kernel Sanders". Actually, there are things that have been made manga in the past, but in the new work of 2016, the figure fighting with the power of kernels of another earth is drawn.

KFC: The Colonel Corps (2016) - Comics by comiXology

KFC seems to actively develop kernel · sanders comic from 2015. The first issue was when COMICON International was held in San Diego in July 2015, "The Colonel's Adventure WorldIt was a work called. The contents are exaggerated to illustrate how the kernel found the recipe of the original chicken.

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KFCPosted by30th June 2015

Following this, at the time of New York Comics, DC comic "The Flash" collaborated with "KFC: The Colonel of Two Worlds(Two world kernels) "to the world. You can read a little about what kind of work it was with tumblr of online bookstore · comiXology.

KFC: The Colonel of Two Worlds (2015) # 1 When a ... | comiXology Unbound

In addition to the familiar Carnes Sanders, black dress "Evil kernel · sanders" comes out.

Inside, the mirror master of the villain (villain) (villain) comes out in the flash (the left side of the side) and Captain · Cold (the right side of the side) dropped the reputation of the fried chicken with the evil kernel, so the kernel Sanders fought bad I challenged the battle against the kernel ... ... It was a story.

And the third work was released this timeKFC: The Colonel Corps"is.

KFC: The Colonel Corps (2016) - Comics by comiXology

Evil kernel is also a huge success this time.

Due to the attack of the evil kernel, the kernel can only remember one of the 11 types of herbs used for the recipe of the original chicken. However, by "Kernel · Arla · Sanders" coming from Earth - 11, each other kernel reminds me that they remember different herbs one by one, collecting their friends to regain the original chicken, the evil kernel Go on to defeat ... ... a hot story is developed.

This work is currently distributed free of charge at comiXology, and anyone can read it by registering an account.

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Afterwards you can read the main story by selecting the title. There is no translation into Japanese, but the story should be grasped easily.

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