The movie "Tetris" is a trilogy of Nozomi, from the production team "to guarantee to be a film betraying the forecast" words

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It is a representative of falling object puzzle game "TetrisIt was revealed in 2014 that the factual movie will be made, but this "Tetris" has a very grand plot, it was revealed that it will be made as a trilogy work It was.

The plans for the surprise new Tetris movie will bend your mind - Empire

Production of the movie "Tetris" was "Mortal Combat" and "Strange Days / December 31, 1999"Larry KasanoffThreshold Global Studios established by Mr. Threshold is supposed to be in charge. As of 2014, major posts such as casts and directors were undecided, but Kasanoff talked about his enthusiasm for "Tetris" as "a large SF movie".

That Tetris will become a movie, it is expected to be a large scale SF work - GIGAZINE

Then, in 2016, movie news media ·DeadlineofCoverage"Tetris" will be a collaboration between the United States and China "," production cost is 80 million dollars (about 8.2 billion yen) "" will start shooting in China from 2017 " It was. In the interview by Deadline, it was suggested that the movie "Tetris" is "one of trilogy", but this is the truth, and "Tetris" is a grand SF trilogy Conceived deals with entertainment related newsEmpireIt became clear by news report.

Producer Larry Kasanoff says, "It is true that" Tetris "will be a trilogy, because we are really planning a magnificent story, try splitting the work to make a trilogy It is because there is nothing more than just really envisioning a huge story. "

Also, Mr. Kasanoff said about the movie "We are not satisfied simply by running the Tetris block on the screen, but it might be a good thing for people to imagine such a movie, , That is nothing less than lowering the hurdles against "Tetris"! "

Kasanoff has revealed that the casting side, which was undecided, is progressing smoothly.

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Kasanoff says, "I guarantee you will be a movie that will betray your expectations," he says, meaningful words.

In addition, although there are multiple exposures of real-life short movies by Tetris fans on the Internet, none of them are like "Tetris block suddenly falls out of the sky from the sky ... ...". If these images are Kasanoff's "movie you anticipate", what about the movie "Tetris"?


Tetris - The Movie - YouTube

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