"Inspiration UI" that gathers UIs that stimulate inspiration when designing a website

By collecting large quantities of excellent UI's from among the myriad websites on the Internet and categorizing them by excellent UI parts such as "404 pages" "map" "shopping cart" A site that made it possible to freely search the points you want to reference in "Inspiration UI"is.

Inspiration UI - Find design inspiration from real live projects

At the top of the top page of "Inspiration UI" there are tags written as "Popular" "Recent" "All Patterns".

"Popular" is selected when opening the top page, and the popular site in Inspiration UI is displayed as slurry.

When you mouse over, the website's name and category (in the following case, team) will be displayed. Clicking on this ... ....

In the design of the website, especially excellent points are displayed in the screenshot. displayed"Red Collar digital agencyIn the case of a site called "team member introduction screen UI" seems to be excellent.

When saying "UI of this site was good!", Click the heart icon at the lower right of the screen.

If you really want to browse the website yourself, click on the red frame part of the screen.

Then you can jump to the actual website page.

About | Red Collar digital agency

UI of member introduction which was recommended in Inspiration UI is as follows.

When designing as a member image with a mouse over, the design switches from monochrome to color. Of course, there are many points to which other UI of the whole page is helpful as well.

Furthermore, if you click "Recent" on the top page, the recently registered websites in Inspiration UI line up.

Click "All Patterns" ......

As below you can choose the type of UI you want to reference from various types. Click "404 error" to try.

Then, the creative design 404 error page is slurped. I clicked one of them and flew.

I displayed the following 404 error page.

Not Found | HAUS

When moving the mouse in the screen, the face of the red frame moved with the mouse and the game which catches the alphabet which comes down from the top could be played.

As you can see various types of creative UI design like this, it is possible to reference web design and UI design.

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