Robot Queen keeps making robots that automatically wash out the alarm clock and hair that truly wakes me up by hands Simone Giertz

More than 800,000 times were played on YouTube,Robot painting lipstick by programming on its ownIt is Simone Giertz of a female engineer who created a movie that made a serious thing. Mr. Giertz lives in Stockholm, Sweden and publishes a lot of his own robots on YouTube, but both are talked about as too much movies are being talked about, and technology topics news siteThe VergeI am attempting to interview to clarify that "What kind of person is Giertz?"

Robot queen Simone Giertz on inventions, the internet, and not winning a Darwin Award | The Verge

Listening to "self-made robot" sounds full of near-future feeling, but Giertz's work is a playful work such as the one the child has thought and made with familiar ones.

For example, one of Giertz 's works is "Alarm clock robot". You can see the atmosphere of Giertz's work well by watching the following movies that are played over 1.2 million times on YouTube.

The Wake-up Machine VLOG - YouTube

So, you should make yourself an alarm robot ... .... but Giertz's hand has the right arm of the toy.

It seems to have cleared the bloody right arm for Halloween with light removal fluid.

I use Arduino Uno board and put it in something like a can of sweets. It is a specification full of handmade feeling that installing an alarm clock outside the can.

The way the wake up machine actually woke up is as follows. The toy hands are tightly glued to the cans & alarm clock with gum tape. When it's time ......

The hand rotated round and round.

Hand gripping Mr. Giertz 's forehead with bite.

Giertz is a very steep expression, whether it is pain or a grudge.

Stop the alarm ... ...

The rotation of the hand also stopped.

Take 2, take 3 and so on ......

A situation occurs in which the hand is tangled with the hair.

When I remove the hand, it is tangled tightly in the part of the shaft, and I can not wake up.

Remove the lid of the can ... ....

I pulled my hair and escaped.

Moreover, "Breakfast machine" which makes a wish "I wish the robot should make breakfast and fully eat breakfast on a busy morning ..." is like the following.

The Breakfast Machine - YouTube

A machine like a crane will beat down a cereal box.

Lift the box with a sucker ......

Put the cereal into the dish while gently flashing the contents.

Next beat the pack of milk ... ...

Pick up the pack with a sucker and pour the milk into the dish with the cereal ... ... but it is hanging on the armpit arm.

Lifting the spoon at the end ... ...

I have not scared anything, but I will make cereal scooping movements.

And he carried a spoon that had nothing to the mouth of Giertz.

Furthermore, "Robot that will wash your hair fully" was also created.

I built a hair washing robot - YouTube

It is futuristic to hear "Washing the hair fully automatic", but I created a toy-like robot that used hands as well.

When Giertz is brushing his teeth under the robot ... ...

Shampoo drooped from shampoo bottle without permission.

And the hand starts to move, like Mr. Giertz 's head like an alarm clock, it will hit you.

The hair is bubbling little by little while trying it several times, and it can not be said that it is a practical level.

Giertz was 25 years old at the time of writing the article. We have made multiple channels on YouTube from 3 to 4 years ago and uploaded various movies, and in the past there were movies with something like cartoonish graffiti and satirical content, but now we have a movie of my own robot PublishSIMONE'S ROBOTSWe are publishing only the channel called. When I created a robot I thought about publishing it as a blog, but he seems to have thought that the movie would be better later.

The first project Giertz did, "Toothbrushing Robot" attached the helmet to the robot. You can check its contents from the following movies.

The Toothbrush Machine - YouTube

Although it is a simple device, I seem to think "it might be practical ... surprisingly ..." because I have continuously observed breakfast robot / alarm robot.

When I first created my movie, I used Web camera and Apple movie production software ·IMovieIt is said that he is currently making movies mainly with these two as the main theme.

Although the movie being uploaded to YouTube is a comedy touch, Giertz thinks that her movie belongs to the category of "science" and "technology". "Plus humor makes things go easy, if you can make the work interesting, many people will see it," said Giertz's word.

At the time of starting SIMONE'S ROBOTS, 90% of viewers were men. But now the number of female viewers has also increased, with 80% male and 20% female. It is said that there are many engineers who are mainly interested in the technology field from users of 25 to 34 years old, but Mr. Giertz hopes people who do not usually mention the field of technology usually watch the movie .

Mr. Giertz who is a woman who is making and uploading a movie in the technology field seems to be distracted to being taken up as a "woman who is active in the technology field" often by coverage etc. "When entering a field that a small number of people are working on, everyone will automatically become" a representative in that field. "An interview with wonderful women is noticed too much in" being a woman "but too badly It often happens that, "said Giertz.

Is there ambition in life? In response to the question that "NowDarwin AwardDo not win the award, "says Giertz. The Darwin Award is an irony honor named after the evolutionist Charles Darwin, "I am dead by foolish deeds or by deleting inferior genes by eliminating fertility and contributing to the evolution of mankind Award to be given to those who made it "has become.

Besides, I mention campaigning to go to space and buying a submarine on the big scale, to learn welding within ten years for small things, to obtain a driver's license, and so on. Also, as Giertz's aim is "to make content" and "to do interesting things", he also said that they are also looking at possibilities other than movies.

While creating a lot of robots, Giertz says that he never sees "a nightmare rebelled against his own robots." However, for the question "Is the robot like something like a child?" No, "There are some scariers in my own robots." About cut machines, "what kind of things have you made? "Sometimes I feel fear."

Below is a fully automatic vegetable cutting machine of fear.

I built a chopping machine - YouTube

Switch on the machine ......

Giertz who puts the carrots under the machine where two knives were set.

Kitchen knife started to move strongly.

Carrots cut apart and falling apart.

When the switch is turned off, the machine stops.

Take the cut carrots ......

You can enjoy fresh vegetables without trouble.

Other Giertz's movies can be seen from the following. In addition, Giertz is now collecting with the YouTube channel called TestedFully automatic popcorn eaten machineIt is under development.

Simone Giertz - YouTube

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