The condition of each company is updating one by one because "PC with my number recorded can not be repaired"

A system that raises administrative efficiency and the convenience of citizens by giving unique numbers to everyone who has a resident card, managing administrative information on social security and tax (distributed management), so-called "My number (personal number card)The system started operation in January 2016. However, in a highly information-oriented society, there is a danger of data leakage, and major PC makers are clearly stating that they can not repair when my number information is stored in storage devices.

For Fujitsu this is like this.

Fujitsu personal computer repair regulation - FMV support: Fujitsu

In "Fujitsu Personal Computer Repair Provisions", "Article 11 (Precautions When Requesting Repair) (2)", "Repair can not be accepted if there is data with my number (personal number) stored in the storage device (hard disk etc.) of the target device. Before requesting repair, the customer deletes the My Number (personal number) at the customer's responsibility. In the meantime, if data containing a My Number (personal number) is confirmed in the storage device (hard disk, etc.) during the repair and diagnostic work process, without repairing it, I will return it. "It is clearly stated.

In the case of HP this is like this.

About Japan HP / Customer Support efforts against My Number Law | HP® Customer Support

"In response to the My Number Act, which was to be fully operational since January 2016,Japan HP does not accept outsourcing of my number business. Also, based on the Japan HP policy,Even in customer support work (repair work), we will decide not to allow data including my number to be brought to HP Japan. "The PC including my number data is pre-payment.

Epson is like this.

Epson Direct: User Support Personal computer body / display warranty provision

As related to warranty service in general, at the beginning of the warranty provision, "Our company does not need my number when fulfilling repair.We can not accept consignment of "Personnel number use affairs" and "Personal number related affairs affairs" prescribed by the My Number LawSo please understand. "When requesting repair, be sure to check yourself that the My Number is not included in the item to be repaired (including the stored content (see Regulation Content 5)) beforehand. We will accept repair as a confirmation of such confirmation with customer's repair request. In addition, we will receive removable parts (see Regulation Contents 4) as a similar statement with return from customers. As I said, I will refuse that I can not respond to the repair of my PC containing my number data as well.

If the My Number information is leaked, it can cause leakage of potato formula of personal information and damage of "Impersonation" etc. by linking with information that identifies himself or herself. In addition, since the 12-digit number given as a My Number does not change as a rule in principle, there is an aspect that it can not be irrevocable once the information leaks out.

In view of the characteristics of such a My Number, against the exploitation of My Number, a penalty stipulated by the statutory penalty is stipulated rather than the Personal Information Protection Act.

My number Social Security · Tax number system

The penalties subject to private contractors and individuals excluding administrative agents and civil servants are light sentences, "imprisonment of up to 6 months or a fine of 500,000 yen or less", "if it is heavy," imprisonment with work for not more than 4 years or 2 million A fine of not more than yen (sometimes combined) may be said.

Considering the risk that a major PC maker will be subject to penalties that may be caused by keeping a PC containing information on My Number, it is said that a major PC maker has issued a unified view that "PC with My Number data is not available" It is thought that this response seems to be inevitable given the heavy penalties.

However, it is considered very common for SMEs to handle data on My Number as local data without managing it with external media or cloud. In this case, for example, "A PC handling payroll data can not receive repair in case of failure", so it can be said that caution is required for handling My Number data.

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