Why are old books nice odor?

ByDavid Flores

In the library's old bookshelf and old bookstore, there is a fragrance of a peculiar old book which can not be said at all, but why the old book deals with the science in everyday about the reason why a good odor will be doneSciShowBut"Why Do Old Books Smell So Good?"Scientifically describing it.

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Some people say that it is "moldy" for odor peculiar to the old book, others say "smell of vanilla and coffee" "smell of freshly grassed grass". In addition, some people like fresh smell of crispy peculiar to a new book.

Book odor comes from chemicals used in paper, ink and binding. Paper is made from wood pulp and contains various organic compounds.

For example, glucose is bound to papercelluloseIt contains a lot of ... ...

Cellulose-LigninIt is combined by the function of.

As time passes since the book was made, these chemical substances gradually decomposed in response to light, heat, water, etc.,Volatile organic compound(VOC) is released.

The type of VOC varies depending on paper manufacturing process and bookbinding method. For example, if you have a scent similar to almonds from old books,BenzaldehydeHas been released.

The scent of vanilla,VanillinIt is derived from a substance that is also a component of the scent and flavor contained in vanilla.

The sweet scentEthylbenzeneOf things.

Some scents of old books are derived from inks and paints, for example floral scents are included in paint solubilizers2-EthylhexanolIt's odor.

Binding methods are different between old books and modern books. In modern times, to bleach paperhydrogen peroxideTo improve the waterproofnessAlkyl ketene dimerAs these materials use these substances, the odor of the book will also be different.

Therefore, the age and environment in which the book was madeHow to identifyVOC is being utilized as. By examining the VOC, it is possible to find out the fact that the old book was exposed to the plume and water, and it is possible to find out how the old book was handled as one. It is not just a good odor for books' odor but it is also useful for investigating old books and keeping important old books.

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