Analyze thoroughly the details of whether the airplane tickets are expensive or cheap

It is a difficult question whether the price of air tickets necessary for traveling by plane is high or low. In order to aid understanding of how the ticket price is decided, whether it can be called an appropriate price, analyze the cost of introducing and operating aircraft, airport taxes and personnel costs of airline companies in detail, A movie to be calculated is released.

Why Flying is So Expensive - YouTube

Why are airline tickets expensive? For most reasons, most people think that fuel costs are high.

But this is not correct.

The fuel tank of Airbus A320 will enter 6400 gallons (about 24,000 liters).

This corresponds to Toyota's Camry, it is 376 cars.

The plane needs 1.5 gallons (about 5.7 liters) of fuel per mile (1.6 kilometers). It seems that fuel efficiency of liter 0.2 kilometer is bad.

On the flight from New York to Washington DC, the A320 needs 317 gallons (about 1200 liters) of fuel.

If it is Camry, it is an amount that can go 49 times from New York to Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, Camry is a five-seat rider.

As against A 320, it is 154 seats.

In terms of per capita, an airplane can travel a distance of 104.7 miles (about 168 kilometers) per gallon (about 3.8 liters).

In addition, the price for aircraft fuel is an average price per gallon is 1.24 dollars (about 135 yen) and it is a super price.

Therefore, the fuel cost from New York to Washington DC is only $ 2.5 per person (about 280 yen).

However, the price of the flight ticket is more than 10,000 yen. In other words, there should be a cost more than the fuel cost.

Let's try to calculate the cost of tickets roughly.

The first thing you need is personnel expenses for the crew inside the plane.

The pilot's cost in one year is an average of $ 79,000 (about 8.6 million yen)

Since it flies on average for 1800 hours, it is $ 44 per flight (about 4800 yen). The flight time of New York - Washington, DC flight is one hour and two pilots are needed, so the cost of the pilot is 88 dollars (about 9600 yen).

The cabin attendant costs 38 dollars per person (about 4100 yen) ......

Considering that 4 people are needed per flight, a total of 152 dollars (about 17,000 yen)

The cost of the in-flight crew is 240 dollars (about 28,000 yen)

If we divide this by 154 passengers, it is calculated to be only 1.5 dollars per person (about 170 yen).

The airport usage fee for John F. Kennedy Airport is $ 6.33 (about 700 yen) per 1000 pounds (about 450 kilograms)

Since the weight of A 320 is 172,000 pounds (about 78,000 kilograms), an airport usage fee of 1089 dollars (about 119,000 yen) is imposed on takeoff.

Converting per passenger per person, the airport usage fee for takeoff will be $ 7 (about 760 yen).

Because the usage fee of Dallas airport is not disclosed, I will think it is the same level as John · F · Kennedy Airport.

Considering that it is lighter by consuming fuel, what you need is $ 1005 (about 109,000 yen)

These airport usage fee includes gate usage fee, usage fee for porters and other airport facilities.

Therefore, the airport usage fee per passenger is 13.5 dollars (about 1500 yen)

The total amount so far is 17.5 dollars (about 1900 yen), so it is not so expensive. Tax is surprisingly high.

Airport tax is different in each country ......

We will limit it here in the United States.

The simplest tax is the tax on domestic airline tickets, uniformly at 7.5% of the ticket price.

In addition to this, FAA imposes a charge of $ 4 (about 440 yen) as a domestic over-the-road tax.

However, please note that Hawaii and Alaska will cost $ 8.7 (about 950 yen).

After 9.11 terrorist attacks, a security fee of $ 5.6 (about 610 yen) has been added.

Therefore, the total tax is 15.6 dollars (about 1700 yen)

Ticket price is cost of aircraft. Of course, the aircraft is expensive.

The price of A320 is 107 million dollars (11.7 billion yen)

Airplanes are not limited to flight distance, but durability is determined mainly by the number of flight cycles.

This is because the burden on the airplane is caused by changes in atmospheric pressure.

Small cracks are caused by exposure to different environments of the atmosphere and the sky above the earth.

In other words, both the 30-minute flight and the 9-hour flight have the same number of takeoffs and landings, so the magnitude of the burden is considered to be the same.

One large flight aircraft is basically one flight per day.

For small aircraft, 8 to 10 flights per day are also considered OK.

Well, A 320 is known as a highly durable aircraft.

The usable flight cycle is 60,000 times.

In other words, the aircraft cost per flight is $ 1783 (about 190,000 yen)

If it is per passenger, it is $ 11.5 (about 1300 yen).

Not only the purchase price of the aircraft but also the maintenance cost are necessary.

The breakdown of maintenance costs for each flight is as follows: the mechanic's personnel cost is $ 646 (about 71,000 yen), the parts cost is $ 276 (about 30,000 yen), the overhaul cost is $ 603 (about 66,000 yen) , The engine restoration cost is $ 596 (about 65,000 yen), totaling 2121 dollars (about 230,000 yen)

The maintenance cost per passenger is 14 dollars (about 1500 yen).

Ticket fee also requires expenses not directly related to flight.

Personnel expenses of staff working at airlines ... ...

Operators and ... ...

Cleaner etc.

The operating costs of airlines are quite substantial.

Because it is difficult to accurately estimate these costs, we estimate a relatively high estimate of $ 10 (about 1100 yen).

The airline pays an insurance cost of $ 100,500 a year (about 12 million yen) to A 320.

The insurance cost per hour is 36 dollars (about 3900 yen) for 8 hours a day,

So, the insurance cost between New York - Washington DC required for an hour flight will be $ 0.25 per passenger (about 27 yen).

There are other small expenditures, but we must also consider the profits of airlines. Let's suppose that it is $ 10 per passenger (about 1100 yen).

Of course, these calculations are for A420 when 154 passengers are occupied, actual cost of flight should be higher than this.

Trends in the ticket price tend to be cheaper year by year.

From New York to Los Angeles, the ticket cost for a 6 hour flight is roughly $ 300 (about 33,000 yen).

I do not know how long it will take if I try to cross the United States at Camry.

In addition to the $ 340 fuel cost (about 37,000 yen) as well as the cost, additional 300 dollars (about 33,000 yen) will be necessary considering maintenance costs and depreciation expenses. In other words, it seems that airplane tickets can be said to be cheap rather than high.

Ticket costs from New York to Los Angeles in 1974 were $ 1442 (about 157,000 yen) in consideration of the inflation rate.

Compared to that, modern ticket price is cheap enough to say that it is exceptional.

A major reason for becoming low price is systemization by technological innovation and high performance of aircraft.

Due to advances in technology, the useful life of aircraft has also increased.

Aerodynamic performance ......

It is a high-performance engine and fuel efficiency has been improved dramatically.

FurthermoreWingletThe contribution of the appearance also contributes.

Fuel cost increased due to oil shock in 1973, improvement of aerodynamic performance was indispensable.

The winglet where the part of the end of the wing bent was introduced there.

Thanks to the winglet, it reduces the tip vortex associated with the change in pressure generated at the edge of the wing, which leads to a reduction in air resistance.

However, the biggest factor that caused lower prices is "competition".

Tickets for popular routes are nearly the same price. This is because there is fierce price competition.

New York - 5 airlines are in service for Los Angeles.

The presence of competing airlines has greatly helped to lower ticket prices.

On the other hand, it is flight from Denver to Ganshon Country Airport ......

Only one company.

Therefore, the ticket price has stopped high. If the principle of competition does not work, the ticket price will be high.

So, the price of the airline ticket is unexpectedly cheap, thanks to technology progress and competition principle, it seems to be much more affordable than before.

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