Italian Ministry of Defense succeeded in saving about 3.6 billion yen by shifting office suite from Microsoft Office to free LibreOffice

Many people in living and business are using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etcOffice suiteI think that you can use the same thing in the army that protects the nation. Italian Ministry of Defense also used Microsoft Office for business, but after 2015 it will use it as freeware "LibreOffice"It turned out that it turned out that it is expected to succeed in cost reduction of up to 29 million euros (about 3.6 billion yen).

Italian Military to Save Up to 29 Million Euro by Migrating to LibreOffice

Italian military to drop Microsoft Office for LibreOffice

Italian land, sea, air force and national military organization "CarabinieriIn September 2015, the Italian Ministry of Defense, which oversees the "Microsoft Office" that is used for business, is a freeware office suite that anyone can use "LibreOffice(Libre office) "was announced to introduce. LibreOffice has the name which merged French "Libre (English Free)" and "Office", and is a non-profit organization based in ItalyLibreItaliaIt is managed by.

About 8 months after the announcement in May 2016, the Ministry announced that it is expected to succeed in reducing expenses of 26 million to 29 million euros (about 3.2 billion to 3.6 billion yen) in the next few years due to this transition did. Regarding this matter, Camillo Sileo Army Commander said, "Considering the contract term of the Microsoft Office account that exists at the moment, the Ministry of Defense will use LibreOffice by 70 thousand people, equivalent to 70% of the total by 2017 , And by 2020 another 25,000 people will be transferring to LibreOffice. "

The Ministry has already completed the transition to LibreOffice at 5000 workstations, and there are no serious troubles so far. Regarding open software, issues such as follow-up system are sometimes discussed, but as far as LibreOffice seems to have not been a big problem so far.

Not only the Italian Ministry of Defense is advancing the transition to LibreOffice. The city of Nantes in France also carried out a transition as well,According to WikipediaGovernments such as France, Brazil and Denmark, government officials such as Tokushima Prefectural Government and Aizuwakamatsu City in Japan, Munich City in Germany, Munich City in France, Toulouse City in France, and many other organizations are transitioning.

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Furthermore, the development of a cloud-type service "Open 365" developed based on LibreOffice is being promoted, and beta version is beginning to be provided. It is developed based on open software such as "Seafile" of LibreOffice, file synchronization software, "KDE" which provides desktop environment in UNIX environment, and similar service to Microsoft's "Office 365" Although it provides, it seems that the point that it can construct and use your own server is a big feature.

Open 365

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LibreOffice, which supports 21 languages ​​around the world, is used by 18 government agencies and the number of active users is 80 million.


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