We found out that exercise time can be shortened to 1/5 by incorporating exercise of only 1 minute into exercise

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There are an increasing number of people practicing exercise such as jogging and cycling to get health, but there are many people who are suffering that they can not take training time as they actually think in their busy daily life Should However, recent studies have shown that by incorporating intense exercise of only 1 minute into one training, the same effect as conventional long training can be obtained.

No time to get fit? Think again. Just 1 minute of intense exercise produces health benefits | Science Codex

This research was conducted by a research team at McMaster University in Canada. In the experiment, 27 subjects who work in desk work were gathered, and a group performing "intense training (SIT: sprint interval training)" and "group performing a" moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) " It was divided into three groups (CTL: control) without training and the change was measured over three weeks. Exercise is done using exercise aero bike.

The contents of exercise done by SIT and MICT group are as follows. The group of SIT will first warm up for 2 minutes and then repeat "All Out" with pedal all the time for 20 seconds 3 times at 2 minute intervals. And finally by doing cool down for 3 minutes,A total of 10 minutes including intense exercise for 1 minute (60 seconds)We will do the program of. The maximum output at this time is "500 watts", and it can be said that it is a very high strength for general bicycle riding. On the other hand, the MICT group conducted 45-minute medium intensity training (less than 100 watts and about 70% of the maximum heart rate), and the same warm-up and cool-down as before and after the SIT group were performed, and the total required time was50 minutesIt is a program called as the program of both groups5 times openingYou can see that it is set.

In this experiment, one of the research teams used for comparing each group,VO 2 maxIt was an indicator that it was. This is the ability to capture oxygen in the blood, it can know the level of endurance of the whole body and is also used as an indicator of health level.

The following graph shows the change of VO 2 max in each group. From the graph, both the group of MICT who continued training for 50 minutes every day for 3 weeks and the group of SIT who continued training for only 10 minutes both spent VO2 max from "PRE (white)" to "POST (black)" It is understood that the numerical value is improving, and it is in a condition that it can say that the improvement level is the same.

From this result,The same effect can be obtained even if training time is reduced to 1/5 by incorporating intense exercise of 1 minute per day into exerciseThat is why it is highlighted. Professor Martin Gibala, the principal author of the paper said, "This is a very time-efficient workout method, we found that short-term burning with high intensity exercise is definitely effective," I am talking.

Studies also indicate that the insulin sensitivity index (CSI) tested before training and 72 hours after training is increasing at the same level in both groups and that the content of skeletal muscle mitochondria also increases Has become clear. Details can be confirmed in the paper published in PLOS ONE.

PLOS ONE: Twelve Weeks of Sprint Interval Training Improves Indices of Cardiometabolic Health Similar to Traditional Endurance Training despite a Five-Fold Lower Exercise Volume and Time Commitment

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