Biometric authentication technology "SkullConduct" that uses "skull" as a password

ByGreg Gauthier

The combination "user ID + password" is becoming dangerous in Internet security. As a safer security, biometrics authentication that uses biometric information that only individuals can possess can be cited, but it is not a fingerprint / iris / face but a new biometric authentication "password" which uses the vibration pattern of "skull" as a passwordSkullConduct"Has been developed.

SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull - schneegass16_chi.pdf
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The sound of your skull could soon replace your password | TechRadar

It is a collaborative research group of Startgart University of Germany, Saarland University and Max Planck Institute of Information Technology, which develops the technology of "SkullConduct" to substitute skull for password. This technology is mainly made for eyeglass-type computers like Google Glass, it can be used with bone conduction speaker and microphone.

According to the latest research report, vibrations transmitted from the user's skull have unique physical features as well as fingerprints. SkullConduct receives vibrations emitted from the user's skull with a microphone,Mel scaleMel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient (MFCC) "that converts using Mel Frequency Cepstrum coefficient (MFCC). Although it is still under development, it has already been reported that users can be authenticated with a discrimination rate of 97%.

In smartphones and PCs, terminals equipped with a biometric authentication system are appearing, terminals such as Google Glass and Oculus Rift do not have a keyboard or mouse, so to log in to web services, use AR keyboard to " ID + password "will be used for authentication. As a means of securely authenticating with an IoT device like a glasses-type terminal which is expected to increase in the future, SkullConduct has the potential to be a promising security measure.

ByThomas Hawk

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