Google is developing a keyboard application with "gesture input" and "GIF search" function for iPhone

From iOS 8 you can now use third party keyboard applications on iPhone and iPad, but many people still use genuine keyboards. In the meantime, Google is developing a keyboard application with gesture input and GIF search for iOS, the IT news site · The Verge reports.

Google is making a keyboard for the iPhone | The Verge

According to the information that The Verge independently obtained, Google is developing a keyboard application for iOS for several months, and there are possibilities that buttons such as Google search, gesture input, image search, GIF search, etc. may be installed about. Google declined to comment, details such as release time are enigmatic.

Unlike iOS's genuine keyboard application, it is expected to become a keyboard incorporating Google search function etc. However, as image search / GIF search button etc. are installed, it is also possible to distinguish between Android's genuine keyboard It is likely to become. Many third party keyboard applications provided on iPhone and iPad have problems such as difficulty in switching keyboards on iOS, and it is expected that Google will finish it as a convenient keyboard application .

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