Headline news on March 18, 2016

"In the spring of next year, can we stay with us?" Children's literary work of Asano Azako's original "battery"Was announced to be broadcast as a TV animation in Fuji TV's late-night animation frame" Noitamina "from July 2016. The director / screenwriter is Director Tomoaki Mochizuki of "Rozen Maiden" broadcasted in 2013 and Zenji is in charge of production. Pitcher's Takumi Harada is a protagonist, Takumi Uchiyama is Kiki Uchiyama, and Catcher's Nagakura Australia is played by Yu Hatanaka.

Official teaser movies are also published on YouTube.

Anime "Battery" Tiza PV - YouTube

Original: Asano Atsuko "Battery" series (published by Kadokawa Bunko)
Director / Screenplay: Tomomi Mochizuki
Character draft: Shimura Takako
Animation character design · total drawing director: Hidekazu Kusama
Music: Akira Senju
Animation production: ZERZY
Cooperation: Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture

Takumi Harada: Teruyuki Uchiyama
Akira Nagakura: Yu Hatanaka

In addition, it is also announced that in November 2016 the noutamina frame will be animated novel "Make boat" based on Miura Shigeru. Information such as cast and staff is not revealed, but this work will be performed in 2013 by Ryuhei Matsuda and Aoi MiyazakiLive-action movieIt has been made.

"Knit Boat" Animation Notification PV - YouTube

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Will Microsoft abolish Internet Explorer? - GIGAZINE

What is amazing what a high-res music player "PonoPlayer" gathers over 400 million yen and is acclaimed by famous musicians? - GIGAZINE

I tried two canned foods such as "Chicken and Indian curry butter chicken" which can taste full-fledged taste with canned food - GIGAZINE

Johnny Ive's idea of ​​design supervisor responsible for Apple after the death of Jobs - GIGAZINE

"8 Bit Memory" making 1 TB external hard disk etc in Game Boy - GIGAZINE

To prevent people from hiding ads with adblocks "Anti Adblock" - GIGAZINE

It is the second most beautiful bookstore in the world, soaked in an elegant time - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
The strongest punishment game is "say your own strengths" - Daily Portal Z: @nifty

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Hidden room discovered at the tomb of King Tutankhamen NHK News

A savior of hay fever? Does "Vaseline in the Nose" Really Work (Ichikawa Miyako) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Female binds and copulates favorably, turns out with spiders | National Geographic Japan version site

Elucidation of the mechanism of pain caused by "numbness" - expectation for the development of a remedy for numbness due to diabetes and blood flow disorder - - Kyoto University

Discovery of hydride ion "H-" conductor - Possibility of developing innovative energy devices using hydrogen - - Kyoto University

Through this result, the addition of H- to ionic conduction species such as Li +, H +, O 2 -, Mg 2 + and the like used in existing energy devices has led to a new trend towards the development of next generation energy devices I hope to be born.

Succeeded in controlling the crystal structure of ionic nanocrystals at room temperature under atmospheric pressure - Expected to develop new light energy conversion materials - - Kyoto University

Amphibious lateral sclerosis using iPS cells and genome editing technology ... | Press Release | Tohoku University - TOKO UNIVERSITY -

Discover a new role of genetic code that was not known until now | UTokyo Research

March 23, 2016 penumbra Lunar eclipse - Astro Arts

Look back at the picture of the universe's first docking "Gemini 8" | Sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

It was the captain Neil Armstrong who first fell on the moon with humanity. However, Mr. Armstrong does not know that in 1966 three years before lunar landing, another achievement of "docking on the world's first orbit" has also been accomplished.

The demonic Bermuda waters, the cause is methane hydrate? | National Geographic Japan version site

Our DNA is made of virus!? Latest images of surprised new research | Image of modern new cafe | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
An interview note, a report in classroom memory Hiroshima, middle 3 suicide: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Toshiba, 800 billion yen for next generation semiconductor increase capacity memory increase: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Toshiba Re-Impresses Test on Nuclear Power Industry | Reuters

Investigation of high definition "4K" recording impossible by President Inoue of the private broadcaster - Kyodo News 47NEWS

Angry Kumikyudo "Why a judge in a district court" Takahama nuclear power plant injunction: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ferrari, a memorandum signature photo with Beijing Automobile etc. to China theme park construction also in China International News: AFPBB News

Ferrari has already opened a theme park near Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and is building a new theme park in Spain.

Automatic emergency brake on US new car, 1 photo to standard equipment within 7 years International news: AFPBB News

Seaworld, Criticism of breeding environment to cancel breeding of orca 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

"Troubleman" "Leave this country!" Who are the people who are bothered by foreign reporters? | Contemporary non-fiction | Modern business [Kodansha]

In Japan, "Netouyo", "Netosayo", and "flames" have been used for a long time. People influential remarks often receive total attacks of emotional rants from all sides. When that target becomes a foreign journalist, the word of attack becomes unique.

"British rice pig," "anti-Japan foreigner", "Traitor", "North Korean spy", "extremely left Korean" ... .... These slanderous words are often thrown by them in both English and Japanese. A female reporter says that "coming to rape" will reach normally.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

【Yoppy × VICE JAPAN】 The aim is President! I thought about the content that is getting messy on the net - Local media of e IDEM "Jimocoro"

Park & ​​Ride at Tokyo Station Easy to use the family members of the Tokaido Shinkansen | Riding News

【IAAE 16】 "Horses" Easy lift of IZUZU widens field development range | Response

This product called "QUICKJACK" places two diamond box frames under the side sills of the car and lifts the whole with hydraulic pressure. At this time, attach the attached rubber block to the jack up point of the car.

Nissan releases a total of 31 models of in-car street view from current cars to heritage cars - Car Watch

Look at the dignity of "demon spirit" practiced by Dentsu. | Wisdom of the Wise | Modern Business [Kodansha]

Actually wrong "Italian in Japan" words to walk alone across the ocean - cyclist

However, somehow in Japan "Panini". The designation of plural is completely permeated. Cappuccino and espresso are called properly in singular form, only panino is mysterious plural .... If you do not want to eat only one during Italy trip, let's refrain from saying "Panini". Two paninos really come. I can not eat it.

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About AMP compliance in Ameblo | CyberAgent SEO Information (cyber agent SEO information blog)

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Kabaneri of Iron Castle" PV 3rd round _2016.03.17 Lifting ban - YouTube

"Kuzu's real intro" TV Animation Decision - YouTube

【Bulletin】 Masked Rider Amazon - YouTube


Shop in shop "TOWERanime Kawasaki store" "TOWERanime Kyoto store" 3/18 2 stores open simultaneously! - TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Captain America: Civil War Official Trailer 2 - Recreated in Fallout 4 (MODS!) - YouTube

Time Machine VR Full Launch Trailer - YouTube

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV - 8th Teaser Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

Star Wars Battlefront - Outer Rim Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
My feelings are completely different from German times! What is the premier that Shinji Okazaki got in Premier? - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

Ten years have passed since I became a professional, I finally had a mental attitude that the striker must have. "

When speaking in January 2016, Okazaki was powerful and told straight. It came as a premier league because it came to the premier league.

How far does the tactic evolve? "Four Fabrics" by Bayern and Yuve. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

What was common to both teams was that not only the system differed in defense but also the roles of the left and right players were different.

Juventus left Evra of the side back hardly rushed to the front line, and it remained in the last line. Licht Steiner on the right sideback steadily put his face on the front line, obviously the right and left roles were different.

In Bavaria, Ram of the right side back enters the volunteering when attacking (so-called fake intelligence), while Araba of the left side back (Bernato the second half) went up to the second row and played the role like a shadow striker.

Use of the system according to the position of the ball, switching of the system when offensive, and the difference between the roles of left and right. From now on, the tactics approach seems to be more precise.

Nadesiko Sasaki's retirement "My big treasure" | Gexaca [Kodansha]

Director Sasaki who stood with Kimiyoshi Otini, chairman of the Japan Football Association (JFA) said, "It was a fruitful 11 ​​years, my big treasure, I do not know what kind of way to go, but I will try hard for the new stage I want to go. "

Respect respectlessly than blame for losing! And Sergio Echigo "Do not turn off lights of women's football": footballnet [Football summary]

73: Mr. Nanashi @ I am afraid @ ((o) / 2016/03 / 17 (Thur) 13: 24: 58.25 ID: qtd4VwLG0.net
It is a very miserable state for Sergio to shield ...

◆ Sad news ◆ Unexpectedly wearing a necktie on his head! Own Trafford's Man U fans got rough and lost to Liverpool

82: There is no race with no children @ Commentary OK ¥ (^ o ^) / 2016/03/18 (Fri) 12: 45: 43.75 ID: sqPshYduH.net
It seems that the customer broke the chair and threw it into the pitch

"Low morality" and "sparseness of crisis" of the professional baseball world seen in the baseball gaming case Sports Intelligence [53rd]: PRESIDENT Online - President

Reason why everyone was deceived by him: Nikkei Business Online

'F1 with lost interest and speed', Alonso's picture taken 1 international news: AFPBB News

5 tips to sprint like Mark · Cavendish: cycle gadget Road bike is 100 times fun blog

Temporary disposal to Queen Efimova of Russian death, positive Meldonium or photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

BABYMETAL, a new song "KARATE" music video release! (2016/03/18) | Japanese music news | RO 69 (Aaru Rock) - Music information site of rocking on


◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
East Hato Co., Ltd. / Pea snacks "Vino" 's limited flavor "Vino · Plum and Taste" newly released

"Bayy Lease Orange" "Bayy Les Apple" renewal on Tuesday, April 12 | News Release 2016 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

March 18, 2016 Grilled broiled lunch | Topics | FamilyMart

(PDF)"Nagomi blend" Latte series renewal release - 20160318-1194.pdf

(PDF)"FRUIT DESSERT grapefruit jelly" "Same peach jelly" new release - 20160318-1195.pdf

(PDF)"Kameda's persimmon seed" is thankfully released The 50th anniversary commemorative project "The World Hot Spicy Bikini" the second volume is brilliant (curry) The taste I met in a trip to India!

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