What sounds to link automotive development with 'mysterious sound' that sounds like an evening night from Apple's building?

BySimon James

We know that 'mysterious noise' has occurred from Apple's building in California, USA. Apple has not responded to what this mysterious sound is, but secretly the electric vehicle under research and development "Apple CarIt is pointed out that it is an important technology planned to be installed in the tentative name (tentative name).

Apple silent on mysterious noises from Sunnyvale complex

James Porter, who works for Sunnyvale's electronics company, is appealing from Apple's building that he can hear a mysterious sound.

The mysterious sound has been confirmed is the complex of Apple located in Sunnyvale, California.

The sound of a mystery often happens late at night when everyone sleeps and sometimes goes out early in the morning. People in the vicinity including Porter, who asked Apple to find out what the mysterious sound that disturbs sleeping and disturbing concentration is, but it seems that Apple could not get a response.

There is a 12 ft (3.7 m) tall fence around Apple buildings that seems to be generating mysterious sounds, and we do not know exactly what is going on inside Hmm. However, not only is it covered with a high fence, but because the logo of the staff's shirt strictly guarding the building is intentionally hidden, Apple is alarming about the mysterious sound I hear that you can see.

It has been confirmed that staff, which is regarded as a young engineer, has entered and exited the building of Apple, and since the building received the designation of "auto work area" from the city in 2015, There are many people who think that "Apple must be developing Apple Car in the building" including the newspaper.

And electrical engineering experts cite the hypothesis that "mysterious sounds are intense noise generated by rapid charging". John Carer, a lecturer at MIT, pointed out that Apple is developing technology to rapidly charge large capacity batteries. It is estimated that this rapid charging technology will allow charging in a shorter time than ever before. If the development of this rapid charging technique is the identity of a mysterious sound, the reason that the sound comes late at night is because Apple has a large amount of electricity necessary for the development of power receiving technology, It is said that it will also coincide with being covered.

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