"Space edible ice cream" was actually a lie

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I see that "Space edible ice cream" like dried marshmallows is being sold as a souvenir in theme parks and space-related institutions, but in reality, space food ice cream is brought to the universe I never knew that the astronauts had not eaten it.

This is a package of ice cream which is said to be "space food". There is one thing with vanilla taste at Amazon, 648 yen including taxIt was sold.

Inside is like this.

The shocking truth that this space edible ice cream was actually not eaten in space has been revealed in the following movie.

Astronaut ice cream is a lie - YouTube

The movie starts from the impression of the person who ate the space edible ice cream. A comment saying "Teeth are hard enough to break!"

"Medicine-like taste"

Lucky charmThere was also an opinion that it is like a marshmallow that is contained in the serial of saying.

However, this product which is often sold as "ice cream which was eaten in space" at the theme park or space related facilities has never actually been brought to space in reality.National Air and Space MuseumTo

Many foods brought to the universe are preserved, but there is no space food ice cream found in it.

Tubular food and ... ...

The cubes of chocolate brought to the era of the Apollo program are preserved.

Jennifer Lebasser, the director of the museum, said "PEZI will tell you about the items that were in use at the time, "he said.

But when asked about ice cream ......

"I am not here" Ichike.

Ice cream was eaten in the universe, the material that became the source of the story was issued by NASA.

There is a character of "vanilla ice cream" in the menu of the space food.

Also in the newspaper in 1968 was an article titled "The vanilla ice cream was eaten at Apollo 7" was published.

However, I will contact the manufacturer of space food ice cream, but I do not know who developed it.

So, in fact, I actually went to space,Apollo 7We will contact Mr. Walter Cunningham who was the pilot of the moon landing at the mission.

Apollo 7 was sent for the first time with human beings on a low orbit around the Earth after the Apollo 1 mission which robbed the lives of three astronauts.

In the universe there were so many things to do and it was so busy that the meal seemed to be a way to eat what was fixed according to schedule. However, as Ice Cream talked, Mr. Cunningham returned a reply saying "I definitely have not eaten."

About Apollo 7 "I do not know the reason but the spreading rumors" is not just ice cream. It was reported that all crews had a cold at Apollo 7, but it seems that only one person actually had a cold.

In Apollo 7, chocolate pudding etc. appeared as a menu, so there is a possibility that it was confused.

Dried food in the universe was salmon salad and other dried foods that add water back to the original.

Also, the astronauts at this time many people dislike sweets, trading was done between astronauts regarding food, but it was said that sweet food such as pudding tended to remain. Therefore, if ice cream is in the menu it should be remembered.

By the way, some ingenuity has been applied to food in the zero gravity space because it splits off and scatters. For example, the inside of the fruit cake has become jelly-like, so that fragments do not spill over. From this also, it is highly likely that the space-prone ice cream, which is easy to fragment, was not really brought to the universe.

And in the mission of 1973 it was the first time that a refrigerator was installed on a spaceship.

This allowed astronauts to eat regular ice cream in space, not ice cream for space eating.

In addition, Mr. Cunningham said that he was putting bacon in the space suit pocket for a moment 's time, so when you go to space related facilities, choose a bacon if you want a historically correct souvenir, the space flight You will be able to experience the feelings of the samurai.

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