"CoeLux" made it possible to make artificial sunlight with LEDs to deceive the brain

An Italian company CoeLux succeeded in creating 'artificial sunlight' of perfection degree enough to deceive the human brain and camera. By combining the technologies of scientists, even in places blocked from the outside world, it is made possible to create an atmosphere like as if natural light is contained in LED lights.


You can see what kind of technology CoeLux is available from the following movie.

The artificial skylight that you will not believe is not real - YouTube

The sunlight seen from the skylight.

Light is poured into the dim room.

Looking at the light entering the room, it looks as if the outside spreads out of the room, but actually this is fake sunlight.

The mechanism of CoeLux is as follows. The atmosphere is a layer around the Earth ... ...

Carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. fluctuate in the layer.

A phenomenon in which a secondary electromagnetic wave is generated and spreads to the surroundings when the wavelength of light hits the particle is called scattering.

At this time, the shorter the wavelength, the more air molecules scatter many lights, so blue light with shorter wavelengths will scatter more and more and the sky will look blue. The above phenomenonRayleigh scatteringIt is said that CoeLux reproduced the "sunlight in the atmosphere" including Rayleigh scattering using LEDs and nanomaterials by the power of science.

High-rise buildings efficiently capture sunlight, but with CoeLux's technology you can deceive the brain as 'it's on the ground' even if you build something that is a stoned building.

As you can see from the ground, there are 3 floors buildings as usual ... ...

Actually, it is possible to have a swimming pool or restaurant with sunlight in the basement. Since artificial light does not contain ultraviolet rays, it can not be tanned, but it is possible to direct office and living room as a sunny room.

Looking from the room just under the room where artificial sunlight is actually installed is like this.

Another room is as follows. The LED light uses a plastic layer using nanoparticles, and the portion hit by the sun is made to move within the frame.

It is possible to produce sunlight even in studio shooting.

Office and ......

Bathroom etc.

At present, there are three types of light as follows.

Solutions ☼ CoeLux

"CoeLux 60" where light of a slightly cold color is inserted right above the room

"CoeLux 45" which is more angled than CoeLux 60

And, as the sun is leaning, to produce a warm color "CoeLux 30"

The price is from 40,000 euros (about 5 million yen) and it seems that it will cost about 5000 euro (about 600,000 yen) for installation.

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