Propilot's electroencephalogram revealed that the amateur's maneuvering improved and expectations expanded for learning and rehabilitation applications

When practicing something and wanting to get better it is sometimes referred to as "drinking with the skill of nice nails", but in the future "Get an EEG from a good person and put it in the brainIt may be said that. In a research experiment carried out by a research team, it was revealed that when the beginner's brain was stimulated by a brain wave during the maneuvering of a professional pilot who was good at maneuvering an airplane, the level of progress improved at a probability of 30% .

Now you can learn to fly a plane from expert-pilot brainwave patterns | KurzweilAI

It was in California-Malibu that we conducted this studyHRL LaboratoriesResearch team. The laboratory is a research organization of Hughes Aircraft, an aircraft manufacturer, which is currently owned by GM and Boeing.

It is common sense that it is indispensable to train for a certain period of time to learn and acquire new things, but the team is "TDCSWhen using the technique called transcranial direct-current stimulation (transcranial direct current stimulation) to manipulate the brain's nerve function, the skill training and actual performance of the landing procedure performed using the aircraft simulator will be improved " I made a verification with an actual pilot.

The state and results of the experiment are summarized in the following movie.

Enhanced Training Through Neurostimulation - YouTube

What HRL Lab developed can also be called "brain stimulation system". Looking at the name and wearing the headgear like the following, it seems that some people doubt "What is Ese science?" In fact, development is proceeding based on the enormous scientific grounds of the past It is done.

The research team is required to have both cognitive ability and exercise abilityPiloting an airplaneI concentrate on the task of doing research.

When you learn something new, brain function is strengthened by progressive connection of neurons in the brain, progress is progressing.

And we know that each function is handled in a unique place in the brain. "There are various functions in each little area of ​​this little finger," Dr. Matthew Phillips, a member of the research team, says.

The research team has been conducting research to analyze the function of the brain by investigating the changes occurring at the brain site.

According to the doctor, stimulating the brain and obtaining the effect has been done thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt we had electric fish raising a head to take a headache, and an American scientist, Benjamin Franklin, was doing research to give electrical stimulation to the brain.

The system of HRL Lab said that it is a system that can obtain the most efficient effect by targeting such brain stimulation to a specific area.

In carrying forward the research, labs asked cooperation with professional pilots and measured brain waves.

Using the flight simulator, brain function including brain waves during maneuvering was measured.

The brain wave during piloting, the state of blood flow in the brain, etc. were monitored, and the pattern was obtained.

And we are verifying what kind of change will occur by giving the EEG pattern to the novice pilot participating in the experiment.

As a result of the experiment, it was confirmed that the so-called "brain wave stimulation device was attached, but it did not actually stimulate"Placebo effectIt was confirmed that there was a difference in the skill on the 4th day between the pair of the right side and the group that really stimulated the right side. It has become evident that the consistency of flight control and landing has improved by 33%.

This result is difficult to realize with general-purpose brain stimulation products such as ... ...

It is only possible to be available only when there is a device which can stimulate a specific part as follows.

The research team talks about the possibility of using this method not only for improving skills in the future but also for rehabilitation of people who suffer from brain damage due to trauma and the like.

The paper published by HRL Lab can be read in detail from the following link.

Frontiers | Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Modulates Neuronal Activity and Learning in Pilot Training | Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

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