Secondary creative video contest "Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016" held by Star Wars fans

"Star Wars" sound material to freely create secondary creation work and compete for "Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016Will be held. Work entry period is until April 24, 2016, and a message from Director JJ Abrams of "Star Wars / Force's Awakening" has also arrived.

Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 |

This award is an official certification event where fans create works based on "Star Wars" as they like and compete for it. Therefore, you can receive official material for sound.

Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016: Message from J.J. Abrams - YouTube

Abrams director who sent a message. Awards began in 2002 and ended in 2011 once, but it was resumed from 2015.

The prize-winning works in 2015 look like the following. First of all, producer Kathleen Kennedy chose "Filmmaker Select Award".

Star Wars The Lesser Evil (Fan Film) - YouTube

"Long ago, far away from the galaxy ... ...."

And how to enter like the main part. Jedi Master Koran and its Padawan Aleco seems to be talking about tracking footprints after receiving a duty from the Jedi Council saying "Do not stop by any means" to Darth · Genen which is repeating the evil act .

Jedi Master Combination, Aleco of Padawan is a woman.

Why did you show up in front of the two people ...?

A dirty dozen Jenis with its lower lip painted blue.

What will be the result of that fight?

"Audience Choice Award" "Best Non-Fiction Award" was chosen as "Journey of a Fan Film".

Journey of a Fan Film - Audience Choice and Best Non-Fiction! Star Wars Fan Film Awards - YouTube

"Best Comedy Award" is "Bounty Buddies", a story of Boba Fett and Greed for earning money. It is not a live-action photograph but a stop-motion animation work using Hasbro's figure.

Bounty Buddies (SWCA Fan Film "Best Comedy" Award Winner) - YouTube

"Star Wars: A New Employee Orientation" was chosen as "Best Animation Award". Although Death Star depicts the galactic empire just before completion, is the part which is not drawn in the movie so comical?

Star Wars: A New Employee Orientation - YouTube

"FORCE-FULL IMAGINATION" was chosen as "Spirit of Fandom Award". If the child's imagination, the world may seem like this is not it.

FORCE-FULL IMAGINATION - Winner of the 2015 Spirit of Fandom Star Wars Fan Film Award! - YouTube

"Best Visual Effects" was chosen as "Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls". It is a quality that seems to be believed even if it is said that it is said that it is part of a movie of the real monstrome as it is only chosen as an award by a visual effect.

Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls (Award Winning Star Wars Fan Film) - YouTube

I am very excited about the creators who saw 'Awakening of the Force', what kind of work will be produced by stimulation.

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