Video creator · PES's new movie 'Fingerprints' is a good feeling petit drama at heart warming

A grenade becomes a fruit movieYa"Deep" where deep-sea creatures of pliers laugh a drama of lifeWe have created numerous stop motion movies includingPES'S new movie "Fingerprints"Was announced. In the new work, PES's trademark stop motion is not used, and the theme is expressed using another different thing.

Android "Fingerprints" by PES - YouTube

One person standing in the wilderness

...... I think that this is a finger of a person.

Then the open car comes over there ... ...

It joined with fun friends.

The door of the subway which seemed to be closed was fingered ... not a ... but with the body ......

I have given up a woman who seemed to be losing his best hair.

Two here ... ... No, the two men are a splendid couple with a bearded beard and Afro.

Perma 3 sisters. "Let's stay with everyone" is the theme of this movie.

A woman in a gown shape at a man who takes a shower with her nasa song ......

"Huh! Does it mean we get together?"

Fight along with each other

I thought that I went somewhere on an airplane while masking.

Alien and Pharaoh also departed together at UFO.

Three people finished a long trip ... ...

Dracula and bandage roundabout mummies, and what is Chewbacca in the middle ...? These three people are preparing for going out.

Arrived one after another in front of a certain apartment. Although the UFO of the previous time is also landing, it is lovely that a little fist is visible under the aircraft.

"You came"


Beginning of a party that we did willy, it starts.

"Not together" (Let's be together, because it is not necessary to be the same)

So, this movie was a commercial video of Android. Droid also unusually put out his finger and piece.

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