A strong man who made his own muscle cloud of Dragon Ball movies that blows up the streets

The rides of the clouds that can only be ridden by the pure-hearted persons who appear in the dragon ball are "SarcophagusAlthough the strong man who made himself a self-made squirrel that can ride even if the heart is not pure, a movie that has blown up in the street of Taiwan with Son Goku style has been released.

Goku rides Kinto'un in Taipei (ft. Tearish Old Skin) - YouTube

In the streets of Taiwan · Taipei, it appeared that the man of the goku style that wears the martial arts of the dragon ball.

It is following the sarcophagus at the foot, and is blowing on the road. Since the speed of Mach 1.5 can not be issued, it is quietly safe driving.

My self-made Saiunkoku can not fly through the sky, so the image waiting figure is too surreal.

The streets of Taipei make me feel like a dragon ball.

I wonder if you came to Tenkazuichi Martial Arrangement ... ....

People who go to the city are nicolle without thinking of Son Goku who suddenly appeared on the train cloud.

The child being chased after by the muscle cloud is a burst of laughter.

Always running on the ground, it also seems like it is really flying in conjunction with the feeling of running.

In the end somehow the squirrel was getting fuzzy.

And the son-soaky man who reached the park ... ...

I flew to the sky of Taipei by Maiko technique.

Pull up both hands and collect 'qi' ......

"... ... ... ... ... ... ..."


......, and without knowing whom it was for any reason, the karmer wave was shot out for some reason.

Komehame wave jumped out of Taiwan ... ...

The place moved to China.

A man who was eating meat knows something flying from the sky.

A male succeeded in accepting it without being afraid of a sudden komehama wave.

And bothering from your body ......

It also launches a Kamomehara-like thing.

Although it is a huge energy bullet hitting between Taiwan and China, the movie is finished without understanding well whether it is a battle in the end.

The end of the story was cloudy in the end, it seems that cotton was torn apart by the childish children.

In addition, making movie that shows how to make Mikumo cloud is also released.

【After the curtain flowers】 Son Goku in Taipei Knights muscle - YouTube

beforeA mischievous movie that blows up the streets of New York with Aladdin's magic carpetAlthough there was, men seemed to reproduce this idea with the train cloud.

Although the magic lamp seems to have been made using the electric skateboard, it seems that two-wheel hover board was used for the musky cloud.

With such a feeling, it seems that I embedded it under yellow cotton so that I could run quietly.

Also, there was a scene to meet the Kamehame wave on the way, but at this time wearing GoPro on the amount of men ... ...

I took it so that I could do CG processing.

It is good, but the position of the hands of the Komehame wave is opposite ... why.

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