Photo report reporting "Jumbo" Boeing 747 and others quietly sleep "Airplane graveyard" infiltrated

An airplane which spreads its wings and fly in the sky gracefully will eventually have a lifetime coming to the end. There are several places like the "grave ground" where such a lifetime is reached or the airplane which finished the function arrives finally in various parts of the world, and the Boeing 747 type aircraft called "jumbo jet" I am spending the time.

Where airplanes go to die: Walking around a 747 graveyard | Ars Technica

A 747-type aircraft placed on a large premises. A number of old aircraft such as 747 aircraft are placed in the runway of the former air force building "Branting Soap · Airfield · Proving" Ground, located in the suburbs of Leicester, 150 km northwest of London, England It is said that.

The four jet engines hanging on the left and right wings are completely removed. Even if the airplane itself is retired, the engine is the most "golden" part, so it is likely to be removed and resold often.

Also on the aircraft with the distal part "Radome dome" removed. It is also one of the parts with a lot of needs as for repairing the radome. This airplane is the state of the aircraft used by Cathay Pacific Airways.

The jet engine of this aircraft is still hung. However, if you think that the situation is strange somehow ... ...

It seems that most of the cover "engine nacelle" covering the engine has been removed.

Extreme pipe surrounding the engine is exposed.

In Japan, the opportunity to see first is gone, the body of the Greek "Olympic Air" is also. What is placed in front is the radom that is being removed.

Although all the engines are lowered, it seems that direction rudder etc which should be located at the rear part of the vertical tail fin is also removed when looking closely.

The red cover is attached to the engine,Lockheed L-1011 tri-starBased on the British Air ForceLockheed Tristar. If you look closely, you can see that "Royal Air Force" is slightly written on the upper part of the wing.

It is unique to the airplane grave to get close to the wheel nearby. From the main leg with slightly displaced front and back and the huge flap extending from the wing, this aircraft is probably a 747 aircraft.

In fact, this complicated link structure was stretched inside the door of the tire storage part.

Tire storage section with season. Warning letter inside "HAZARDOUS AREA (dangerous area)". It seems that tires are going to come in here, so it is urging people to be careful not to get in the wrong place.

There seems to be a fuselage on the other side where the cockpit portion has been trimmed away. It is likely that an airplane once flying around the expanse will be feeling saddened by the fish as if it is quietly thinking that the last time will come.

The world's largest airplane graveyard is located in Arizona, USADavis Mont Saint AfbIt is said that it is, and that number is more than 4000 aircraft. Most of it is a military aircraft, it seems that it is kept in desert areas with low humidity for part retrieval for repair.

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