Occurred when Google Translate translates "Russia" as enemy country "Mordor" of the ring story


You can translate many languages ​​of the world to each otherGoogle translationAlthough it is convenient, it seems that occasionally it may cause unexpected things. Writer Tolkien's novel also became the original of the movie "Lord of the Rings"The ring storyIn the country led by the hidden Sauron "Mordor"Appears, but Google translation translated the country name" Russia "as" Mordor ", causing a situation called ripples.

Google translated Russia to 'Mordor' in 'automated' error - BBC News

This is what happened when translating from Ukrainian to Russian in Google Translate. Russia's largest SNS "VK"PostIn the following capture screen below, we translated Ukrainian "Російська Федерація" meaning the Russian Federation into Russian in Google Translate and found that it was translated as Russian "Мордор" meaning "Mordor" I will.

Besides this, "Russians (Russian)" to "occupiers (occupiers)", Russian Foreign MinisterSergei LavrovHe said that his name had been converted to "sad little horse". Both of them can be accepted as contents that deride Russian side, but in 2014Crimean annexationConsidering the circumstances surrounding Russia and Ukraine that originate in the country, it seems that it can not be helped disturbed that there is a deep meaning.

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In response to this incident, Google said that "an error that occurred when Google Translate was automatically translated from Ukrainian to Russian" occurred and it has already been revised to its original content. Google also said that "Google Translate is doing automatic translation, it is automatically translated using translation technology without going through human translators," and it is possible that artificially some intentional modification can be done I am giving a comment on the content that denies gender.

Nonetheless, in Google Translate, there is a function to propose translated words that seems to be more correct, as well as a mechanism to analyze millions of documents and incorporate the pattern into a pattern and reflect it in translation, so that state We acknowledge that Google may admit that there is a possibility of mistranslation or misunderstanding depending on.

Google announces the comment "We are working to fix this as soon as possible in the event of such occurrences."

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