Equipment "Levl" capable of measuring the fat burning level of the body just by breathing out appeared

For people who care for health, it is the body fat percentage which shows the amount of fat attached to the body as much as the weight. I think that many people continue aerobic exercise such as swimming and walking to drop fat, but you can measure how much fat is burning in your daily life with only breath "Levl(Revel) "was announced.

Technology | LEVL

Levl is about a somewhat smaller lunch box, with a level score on the front that notifies the measurement result by the number of lamps. Breathe in the breath pod on the right, breath in, open the top lid, set to the reading port on the right (reading port). Then, breath is analyzed in a matter of seconds and the fat burning level is displayed.

The key to measuring the level of fat burning is the trace substance contained in the exhaled breathacetoneThe amount of. Acetone is a substance generated when fat in the body is converted to energy by being burned, it is discharged as exhaled breath, and also substance released from the skin out of the body. The higher the amount of acetone, the more fat is burning.

Levl is being held in Las Vegas, USACES 2016It is announced in. We have a report on NBC and The Verge reporting the venue with actual hands in hand.

Breathalyzer can tell whether you're burning fat

Levl tells you how much fat you're burning by measuring your breath | The Verge

If the The Verge reporter sees the movie that actually tried Levl, you can see how to measure it.

Levl measures fat burn by measuring your breath - CES 2016 - YouTube

This is a breath pod for breathing.

Breathe in with "Fut" ......

Put the pod in the reading port and start analyzing when you close the lid.

The analysis was completed in just a few seconds and the results were displayed on the indicator. The result is displayed in 6 stages, and the larger the number, the better the fat burning. The result of this time is "3", it seems that combustion has not occurred so much.

Measurement results can be managed with smartphone applications, you can check the fat burning level on the screen, and you can tap on the screen to check the concentration of acetone and the estimated amount of fat burned.

In addition, you can also manage daily data and display it on a graph.

Levl is expected to be about 500 dollars (about 60,000 yen) at the time the acceptance of reservations is about to begin.

NTT Docomo in Japan also develops equipment that measures fat burnup based on the concentration of acetone. The result of the research is published in DoCoMo R & amp; D public relations magazine "Technical Journal".

(PDF)02-12_ Skin Acetone - vol 23 _ 2 _ 0 12 jp.pdf

Docomo R & D has developed a measuring device that can measure the concentration of acetone contained in "skin gas" discharged from the skin surface. This equipment is a comprehensive cutting-edge IT / electronics exhibition "2014"CEATEC JAPAN"Was announced at the venue.

On the site of Medamonitor who developed Levl, body fat percentage can be calculated from body weight, neck waist size, etc. For men, height / weight, neck and waist size, women plus to enter hip size on the screen, body fat percentage was supposed to be displayed.

Body Fat Calculator | LEVL

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