Google announces the search ranking in 2015, a rapidly rising word · What is the biggest event in 2015?

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The total ranking of phrases searched by Google in 2015, the word which grew rapidly, etc. "Looking back at search 2015We announced.

Official Google Blog: Search on: 2015 in Google Search

Google Trend - ranking of all categories

◆ Search ranking overall
Comprehensive first place is "YouTube". The top three search rankings of Google ranked as "Yahoo" "YouTube" "Facebook" for the third consecutive year, but at last the equilibrium was broken, YouTube surpassed Yahoo and jumped to the top. Yahoo stuck in second place, but Facebook retreated to sixth place. Other "weather forecast" "Rakuten" "Amazon" is also a regular phrase. Compared with the ranking in 2014, "Monst" entered and "Twitter" was out.

1: YouTube (2nd place in 2014)
2: Yahoo (1st place in 2014)
3: Weather forecast (4th place in 2014)
4: Rakuten (fifth place in 2014)
5: amazon (6 th place in 2014)
6: facebook (third place in 2014)
7: News (8th place in 2014)
8: Monst (outside the rank of 2014)
9: Pazdra (7th place in 2014)
10: Yahoo auction (9th place in 2014)

Followed by "Trending Suddenly". Unlike the overall ranking, it is a ranking made with words that rose sharply compared to 2014, receiving search results from January to November 2015. Ten kinds of rankings are made in total for each category such as "news" and "topics".

Trending Suddenly "Spikes"
The fastest growing word The first place in the ranking of the entire word is "Islamic country"(Islamic state, IS). On 20th January 2015Request ransom of 2 Japanese hostagesAnd I released a video on YouTube that killed the hostages on 25th January and 1st February, respectively. By the way it is "a rapidly rising word" so basically the contents should be replaced with last year, but the second place "typhoon"Is also in the fourth place in 2014, and it tells us that the damage of the typhoon in 2015 was tremendous. As a bright topic, the game software for the Wii U at No. 8Splatoon"Ranked in. According to Nintendo, the download version and packaged version (including the main body bundled set) combined that it became million hit more than 1 million.

1: Muslim country
2: Typhoon
3: Rugby
4: My number
5: Kenji Goto
6: Naomi Kawashima
7: Hokuto Akira
8: Splatoon
9: windows 10
10: iphone 6s

◆ Trending Suddenword "News"
Many of the news categories have faces in the overall ranking, so it is clear that many people are searching for news as much. "I entered seventh place"Drone"Is one of the topics representing 2015.

1: Muslim country
2: Typhoon
3: Rugby
4: My number
5: windows 10
6: iphone 6s
7: Drone
8: Security bill
9: Greece
10: Kawasaki culprit

◆ Trending Sudden Words "Topics (Comprehensive)"
First place "Kenji Goto", 6th place"Yukawa Yutaka"Two people who became hostages in the case of a Japanese detention caused by IS (Islamic State) that occurred from January to February 2015. By that much we can see that this incident was attracting attention in society as a whole. In addition, there are many entertainers in this category,The Tokyo Olympic EmblemDesigners who became talked about in "Kenjiro Sano"Also ranked eighth.

1: Kenji Goto
2: Naomi Kawashima
3: Hokuto Akira
4: Hirose Tsuzu
6: Yukawa Yutaka
7: Masayuki Imai
8: Kenjiro Sano
9: Masataka Kubota
10: Kazuyuki Fukiishi

◆ Trending Suddenly "Topic (Men)"
The drama "Death Note" played the role of Yuki Shinki "Masataka Kubota"Is in the fifth place, the rugby world cup Japan national team and the routine before the kick entered the top ten of the new word · buzz word award as" Goro Maru pose "Goro Maru"Is No. 9.Yahoo! Search Grand Prize 2015We have won an actor division · athlete division respectively, and even on Google Yahoo! But I can see that it was being searched.

1: Kenji Goto
2: Yukawa Yutaka
3: Masayuki Imai
4: Kenjiro Sano
5: Masataka Kubota
6: Osamu Suzuki
7: Hagiwara Funyuki
8: Yoshimi Yamamoto
9: Goro Maru
10: Atsushi Atsushi

◆ Trending Sudden Words "The Topic (Female)"
The 1st rank was cancer because he died in SeptemberNaomi KawashimaMr. It is a former female professional wrestler now popular as a weird characterHokuto Akira"Announced that she will undergo surgery for breast cancer in September. By the way, the 6th place "Charlotte"Played Heroine's Erie in NHK continuous TV novel" Massan "broadcast in the second half of 2014Charlotte Kate FoxAlthough it looks like Mr., but the TV anime broadcast in the summer of 2015 "Charlotte (Charlotte)There seems to be few cases when trying to search.

1: Naomi Kawashima
2: Hokuto Akira
3: Hirose Tsuzu
5: Kazuyuki Fukiishi
6: Charlotte
7: Uenishi Sayuri
8: Mika Mifune
9: Aika Kanda
10: Tomoko Tabata

◆ Trending Sudden Words "Topic (Deceased)"
7th place "Izumi Masayuki"Played a charming rival character of" Kamen Rider 555 "- Kiba and" a woman of Scienzen "as researchers of the Institute of Science, but he died at the young age of 35 in July.

1: Kenji Goto
2: Naomi Kawashima
3: Yukawa Yutaka
4: Masayuki Imai
5: Hagiwara Funyuki
6: Aya Fu
7: Masayuki Izumi
8: Now.
9: North lake
10: Shigeru Mizuki

◆ rapidly rising word "is"
A search phrase "What is ○○" is used when you want an explanation about what the word is. The first place of "What is ○ ○" which soared in 2015 is "What is census". Every five years, it seems that there were many people who cared about it because it is done for all households and all people living in Japan.

1: What is census?
2: What is drone
3: What is my number
4: What is the Security Bill?
5: What is Muslim country
What is 6: 755
7: What is RS virus
8: What is an ingram?
9: What is revenge pornography?
10: What is Baseball Gaming?

Trending Trend "Japan"
The fastest rise in the search phrase with the word "Japan" is "Japan rugby". In the primary league of the Rugby World Cup 2015, Japan, which was ranked 11th in the world ranked 3rd in the world ranking off victory from South Africa. To win the top ranking in the world ranking in rugby is a very difficult thing, but by showing it overturned it became a topic as a "miraculous victory" not only in Japan, but in the world. Related "South africa vs japan"Is in 4th place.

1: japan rugby
2: japan expo 2015
3: isis japan
4: south africa vs japan
5: japan flood
6: japan crate
7: japan volcano
8: f1 japan
9: miss japan 2015
10: netflix japan

Suddenly rising word "Sushi"
It was "Ramen" in 2014, but in 2015 the rapidly rising word of "Sushi" was summarized. First place is "Bacon sushiIf you examine it, not sushi, but put cheese in the mince that was supposed to be Shari, something like "rolled sushi" using bacon instead of laver ... ....

1: bacon sushi
2: breakfast sushi
3: east side sushi
4: fruit sushi
5: sushi fest
6: how to make sushi at home
7: sushi and beyond
8: sushi wrapper
9: sushi de tapioca
10: sushi hug shirt

Rapidly rising word "Manga"
The last "Manga" includes not only cartoons but also animation, and in the 5th place "Dragon ball superIt is contained. However, I understand that "Dragon Ball Ultra" which started as a new program in 2015 is a rapidly rising word, but the other 4 works are all popular works from 2014 and earlier. Even though it is "classic", it does not seem to be a surge.

1: one piece
2: naruto
3: attack on titan
4: bleach
5: dragon ball super

In addition, what kind of incident happened in 2015 "summarized"Looking back at search 2015"Has also been announced.

Looking back at search 2015 - Google Trend

The list looks something like this, information on that topic is summarized by clicking on each item.

The attacked Paris

Star Wars

Mars water

Rugby World Cup

Queen of the longest rank

Volkswagen Emission Regulation Incorrect Problem

Immigration problem

Lion "Cecil"

Women's World Cup

Iran nuclear agreement

On the brink of Greece

China Shock

FIFA crisis

Nepal earthquake

Cricket World Cup

Memory of a deceased star

Academy Award 2015

The Dress

Also, a video that summarizes the search of 2015 called "Year In Search 2015" is also made.

Google - Year In Search 2015 - YouTube

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