"CloudFlare HTTP / 2" that dramatically increases the display speed of the entire site for free and easy

Provide web load balancing systemCloudFlareIs a new version of the communication protocol HTTP announced in June 2015 "HTTP / 2We began support for this. HTTP / 2SPDYAlthough it improved the performance and raised the performance, using CloudFlare makes it possible to display the website even faster.

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CloudFlare reduces the burden on the web server by accessing through the distributed cache servers throughout the region. CloudFlare is a service that is free of charge, and "CloudFlare account creation" "DNS record input" "CloudFlare name server name A service characterized by being able to use the service easily with the step of registering on the server. According to the overview page, when using CloudFlare the speed of readingUp to twice as much as normal... apparently ...

In June 2015, the HTTP protocol was revised for the first time in 16 years, the performance was improved, and along with the optimization for various tools on the current website such as CSS and JavaScript, so far HTTP / 1.1 and SPDY CloudFlare, which has provided a service to speed up communication, announced that it will start supporting HTTP / 2 from 3rd December 2015.

The structure of CloudFlare HTTP / 2 looks something like this. When the browser of the website viewer supports HTTP / 2, the service compatible with HTTP / 2 is applied, and if the browser supports SPDY and does not support HTTP / 2, the service corresponding to SPDY In the case of older browsers, services corresponding to HTTP / 1.1 are automatically selected. There is no need to select compatibility on the user side, and communication methods optimized for the browser are always adopted at all times. In addition, those who currently use the service are automatically optimized.

An example is given that it takes 5.32 seconds to display content with CloudFlare on HTTP / 1.1, and 0.62 seconds for HTTP / 2.

There are four plans for free, Pro, Business, and enterprise services,This pageBy clicking the button "Sign up now" displayed under each plan, the registration work will start.

· Additional notes 2015/12/07 10: 16
We revealed that the number of HTTP / 2 connections has increased dramatically since "CloudFlare HTTP / 2" started supporting "HTTP / 2" and recommended browsers to maximize HTTP / 2 connection We have released extended functions and command line tools.

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