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Regarding three drinks / foods such as coffee, tea and chocolate, many people are still familiar with the discussion about efficacy even now. These three were transmitted to the UK almost at the same time and got citizenship at an overwhelming speed, but what kind of history had been there for a while,History ExtraI will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.

A brief history of our obsession with tea, coffee, and chocolate | History Extra

In the UK after the Puritan Revolution in the 1650s, Puritan morality was forced by the people, and theaters, gambling, horse races etc were forbidden. Nowadays coffee, tea and chocolate which existed to addict have landed in the UK is just like this "abstinence era".

Coffee appeared in England in 1650, hot chocolate appeared in 1657 years. Coffee is an inn called "Angel Inn" in Oxford, where chocolate began to be sold in a bingo called "Queen's Head Alley" in Bishop Gate. And the year after chocolate appeared as "a wonderful West Indian drink", it is called 'Sultaness Head Coffee-House' just next to the London exchangesCoffee houseBlack tea will be treated as "Chinese drink" at. For now it is supposed to be said to be "tea in the UK", but for several years since its appearance, tea was treated as "exotic drink".

Three drinks of a foreign country suddenly landed in the UK gathered a lot of attention and became controversial. Some people say that three drinks are "healthy", others have skepticism as "something harmful to the body", and in 1664 black tea "gives peace of mind to the brain and memory I will make my body better and improve my physical condition "has also been published. Also, it seems that the pharmacist recommended something as a stuffy nose.


Meanwhile, coffee is advertised as "a panacea" by Mr. James Gauss who sold coffee at Oxford in 1660 and will spread to the world. Mr. Gaus is giving out a list of writers that coffee is good, such as pulmonary diseases, gout, depression, edema, rheumatism, headache, digestion, etc., among which are "to take the sleepiness of the students studying all night" It was also written. Although it sounds absurd when it is done from now, in those days "Bubonic plagueIt was said that it was good.

And chocolate became popular not only in advertisements and papers, but also in the poems such as James Wadsworth's "Chocolate Songs" etc. In a document written by Mr. Wadsworth "One Chocolate is Painted", in addition to the fact that chocolate makes it easier for women to become pregnant, there is also a statement that it alleviates the suffering of birth. Because it was said that there is efficacy of rejuvenation, for hot chocolateMan SelinaIt took no time before the women to drink chocolate before going to bed using the container called.

However, even as coffee, tea and chocolate spread, the voice that "these drinks undermine people's health, morals, and industries" did not stop. Also, at that time, four kinds of blood, mucus, yellow bile, black bile are supposed to be basic human body fluidsFour body liquid theoryAlthough it was believed, it was believed that a hot drink disturbs the balance of four body fluids, so it was regarded as a matter of being drinking coffee, tea and hot chocolate in warm condition. Coffee is described in poetry as "demon's decoction", it is said that "makes men female and" makes men lose their desires ", as for tea it is said that" when you drink it will weaken your spirit and brain It will be weakened to commit suicide. "It seems to have been told that" workers are motivated. "

ByMichael Canavan

Coffee was attacked as a drink coming from a heathen country, but chocolate was attacked as a Catholic drink, on the other hand. Spanish monks andConquistadorWas drinking chocolate for the first time in Europe and that the Aztec ethnic group drank chocolate with a red dye like red blood and it was one of the reasons for skepticism. Martin Lister, a physician who was a physician, described chocolate as "a savage Indian drink, not suitable for spoiled British." Also, in the 1660's, the mistress Lady Danum of Duke of York died at the end of the disease, but despite the fact that "Although the cause of death is not poison" by examination, Andrew Marvell said "poison is in the cup By expressing as "death chocolate" that was served, the situation evolved into a scandal. Chocolate will be caught as part of the upper class sex scandal.

However, while there are many obstacles as described above, three of coffee, tea and chocolate are rooted in British diet. As a method of drinking at the time, a method of "Heating coffee powder and spring water together and drinking into a stomach bag in an empty state" and a method of "Recommending to mix coffee powder with butter and salad oil" are written There were doctors claiming that "those who suffer from flatulence or scurvy add mustard to coffee" also existed.

The coffee house where coffee was consumed flourished as a social gathering, many people gathered, discussing gossip and politics regardless of title or class. After that, King of EnglandCharles IIRegards the coffee house as a risk factor and delivers the "Coffee House Closure Order" in 1675, but it was withdrawn a few days after being greatly opposed by the people. In the next few decades, the coffee house in England has increased to 3000 stores.

On the other hand, unlike coffee, chocolate did not follow the path "to be drunk by all classes of people". "Chocolate House" is built in the area where many aristocrats live, and it will be a favorite item of wealthy people. Afterwards spices such as cloves and nutmeg used for hot chocolate will also be taken together with wine and bread.

At the time, the efficacy of coffee, tea, chocolate which became controversial was still continued even though three gained citizenship. "Green tea has the power to fight cancer by burning fat", "There is efficacy to lower cholestrol to lower cholestolol to chocolate", and the publication has changed into the form of the Internet, but these foods / drinks It seems that the discussion about it will continue still.

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