I tried eating "additives paella" of addictive if it eats once in black like waste liquid

There are many kinds of paella which is one of Spanish cuisine and popular in Japan because of using rice, such as those containing seafood and chicken, and using pasta instead of rice. In Valencia province of Spain and Catalunya province there is eating a black paella using squid ink, and offering exquisite squid paellaLes Quinze NitsIt is said that there is a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​so I actually went there.

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I came to Les Quinze Nits in Leia Plaza in Barcelona.

Layar Square is sometimes close to the Ramblas in the tourist area, with tourists mostly. It is also known that there are gas lamps designed by Antoni Gaudi.

You can choose the inside of the shop or the terrace seat, but since the weather was nice, I will sit on the terrace seat.

As a clerk asked "Is it a Japanese?", He answered "Yes" and handed me a Japanese menu.

Among many dishes, the purpose of this time is "Kaica's squid paella". Kawaika squid inking paella is 8.40 euros (about 1100 yen) excluding tax, can be ordered from two or more people. However, it took about 20 minutes to finish Paella.

Olive with attached soup.

A moderately sour taste and olive scent do not accumulate, but it is not very striking especially delicious olives, it is very common.

About twenty minutes later a black paella was brought in as much as a jet black wing. Unlike common paella containers, squid ink pearlia is contained in a deep pot.

There are three or more Nexus 5 sizes.

In the black paella there is a citrus fruit that appears brilliantly white.

Paella is so black that I can not think it is food at first sight.

Please note that the pot handle is so hot that you do not touch it accidentally.

I tried dividing it into dishes.

There is also a mosquito in the black paella.

When I try to eat a bite with a spoon, the taste of the soup of the squid is firmly cooked in rice with a little scent of the iso and it is very delicious. Cucumber is also crispy, it seems to be able to eat many cups if this is the case. I feel that it matches Japanese tongue because it is seafood.

Ario resource comes along with squid ink Paelia.

It is said that we eat this ario resource attached to paella.

When you eat with a little Arial Resources, the source garlic taste and squid ink mix in your mouth, the taste level rises by many steps.

To be honest, compatibility between squid ink and Ario resources is outstanding, as far as I can not be satisfied without ARIO resources. I've forgotten many cups and eat it.

Two people together and complete meals. Because the level of taste is quite high, it seems that you want to eat a little more if you are one with two people.

My stomach is bread, but my desire to eat a little more is more addictive than the feeling full. It is less than 600 yen per person, so I think that this taste and quantity are too cheap, so it is recommended to go when visiting Barcelona.

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