"Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong" explaining that the cause of drug addiction is misunderstood

Although it is generally known that drugs such as heroin and cocaine are addictive, it is a general view that drug substances contain dependence substances, but a movie that denies this view "Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong"But,KurzgesagtIt is published by.

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Generally drug addiction is thought to be caused by the drug itself. In case of heroin, if you continue to use for 20 days, the body will begin seeking heroin by the action of chemical substances even after the 21st day when we stop taking intake. This is the meaning of "drug addiction" which is generally understood.

Kurzgesagt says, "But it's wrong, for example, if you hurt your ass and you are hospitalized you will be injected with diamorphin, diamorphin is heroin."

According to Kurzgesagt, it seems that diamorphin is more powerful than heroin sold by drug dealers. The heroin handled by the drug dealer is said to be distributed in a diluted state.

Then, will people who are hit by diamorphine at hospital become drug addiction?

The answer is no. Recent research has shown that no one will become a drug addict after returning from hospitalization. Why, why?

The theory of drug addiction was established through a number of experiments conducted in the 20th century.

Experiment is to give "mouse with heroin or cocaine" and "water" to the mouse placed in the cage, the mouse likes water containing drugs, and finally it dies.

However, in the 1970s Professor Abram Goldstein of Stanford University has a question of drug poisoning experiment "Why do you experiment with one mouse?" Professor Goldstein thought that the reason why the mouse became addicted to drugs is that "Because it was put in a cage with one animal, it seemed to be lonely".

To demonstrate his own theory, Professor Goldstein said "Rat Park"We conducted an experiment called" Rat Park is to give "water with narcotics" and "water" in environments where multiple male and female mice can be placed in a wide cage with balls and tunnels, without giving a feeling of loneliness to the mouse and mating can be carried out freely is.

In the experiment, the mouse liked water only, there was no one mouse who had become a drug addiction.

Is this just for the mouse? The answer is no. Human beings have similar cases.

Kurzgesagt showed "Vietnam War". According to Kurzgesagt, in the Vietnam War 20% of all American soldiers used heroin.

Naturally, as the soldiers came back after the Vietnam War ended, there seems to be a concern in America that "a soldier has become a drug addiction?"

However, in the follow-up survey of soldiers who returned home after the Vietnam War, 95% of soldiers found out they stopped using drugs after returning home.

I can not explain this in the old theory that drugs have the cause of drug poisoning.

However, if you apply Professor Goldstein's theory, it will be easy to explain.

In circumstances where you spend a long time in the jungle while frightening the fear of death, heroin becomes the best escape plan of reality.

However, returning home from the worst environment and returning to the family is the same as the mouse shifting from "cage" to "rat park".

Drug poisoning occurs not due to chemical substances, but due to "cage". We must change our perceptions of drug poisoning.

Humans need a connection between people and people. People feel happy when they are connected with many people.

However, once the connection is gone, people feel lonely and try to connect with another comfort.

Touch smartphone forever, watch porn, play games and internet, use cocaine regularly, etc. But this is human instinct.

To break an unhealthy connection, have a healthy connection.

Addiction is a symptom that indicates "a crisis of connection" is occurring.

In modern America, the number of friends of one person is decreasing since 1950. On the other hand, space in the living space continues to spread.

Which is more important, "big room" or "friendship"?

The war in the first century of drug war is the worst situation now. I feel that I am trying to pursue it from society rather than helping people with drug addiction.

People who once handled drugs are kept away from society and it is also difficult to get a job.

Such people are confined in the cage and are blown away by society.

Drug addiction has long been regarded as an individual problem, but in modern times it has become a social problem.

It is necessary to create a society where cages do not exist, just like rat parks, which become paradise for humans.

The opposite of poisoning is not normal, it is "connection".

When summarizing the movie, Kurzgesagt insists that the cause of drug addiction is not in the drug itself but in the living environment and society. However, reality is that if you create a society that is too freely like Rat Park, you can not abandon the concern that a problem different from drug addiction will occur.

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