"World's first smart drone" 3DR company announces collaboration business with Japanese companies, CEO Chris Anderson holds a press conference

Former Wired magazine editor-in chief,Long tailMr. Chris Anderson who is the creator of the concept serves as co-founder3D RoboticsCompany (3DR) and JapaneseShibamoto Sangyo Co., Ltd.Announced that they have collaborated to collaborate on a drone-related business development. 3DR is the world's first smart drones "SoloWe are planning to start an effort to utilize the high spec drone with Linux in the sky of the company which developed the Linux.

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Shibamoto Sangyo Co., Ltd.

What kind of drone is the world's first smart drone "Solo"?
Drone "Solo" developed by 3D Robotics is "smart drones" loading a processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz into the drone body and the controller for steering, enabling high-performance processing by controlling with a Linux-based OS It has the feature that it is.

It is a drone that combines autonomous flight and complex functions at very high dimensions by taking advantage of its high processing capability and keeps tracking one point on the ground with a camera while flying by connecting two points as follows It is said that it has the performance that you can practice actions such as simple setting with just setting.

Solo is a drone that makes it possible to "shoot movie classes" beyond simple aerial shots, but that frame has reached a level where it can be applied not only to aerial shooting but also to a wide range of industrial fields about. The collaboration which is started to exploit its high performance is a partnership project between 3DR and the science industry. Further features of 3DR Solo are also summarized in the following article.

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◆ Aim and outlook talked at press conference announcement of collaboration project
On October 29, 2015, a press conference was held inviting Mr. Chris Anderson of 3DR at the head office of the Shibamoto Industry in Tokyo.

The real machine of 3DR Solo is put in the venue.

At the time, President Shigomoto of the Shibamoto Industry, CEO of Chris Anderson of 3DR, President of Shiba Iwa of Japan New Holland, a joint venture company of Shibamoto Industry appeared. Mr. Anderson, one of the central character of Silicon Valley, is trembling without thinking of the situation where it appears, and it is also the moment of realizing the size of this collaboration project.

From the president of Shiba Sosyou of Shiba Sangyo Co., Ltd., I would like to develop a joint business to make this dollar entering the stage of being used for industrial and commercial use for industries such as agriculture, from "flying" toy "for the collaboration this time. "Expectations were told.

3DR's Anderson CEO says, "The future drones are" how to use "as the next stage of aerial photography, it is possible to digitize (digitize) the world using drones and manage it We are looking forward to collaborating with the Shibamoto industry on the surface, "he told a prospect for the project.

Anderson said, "The current situation is similar to the era when Macintosh appeared in the world of personal computers and the content of applications and systems using drone is very important in the future of drone. I am excited to proceed with the project while teaching various things, "Anderson made a convincing remarks unique to Mr. Anderson who knew the world of the computer.

Shoshiba, president of Nippon New Holland, said, "We are hopeful that collaboration with 3DR will create a new pathway in providing better solutions in agricultural fields that are increasingly stringent as a result of TPP being concluded." I was talking.

Japan New Holland is a company that was born based on a joint venture company with Ford in the USA. We have imported a large-scale agricultural machinery from the outside to Japan and provide solutions for managing large scale agriculture with a small number of personnel, and we have established OEM supply relationship for 15 years with "Kubota" in Japan It is said that it is.

In this collaboration project, cooperation system based on utilization in agriculture field will be promoted as we have been told so far. By promoting integration with precision agricultural land management (PLM) based on GPS technology already advanced by Japan New Holland and high performance agricultural machinery, drone enables real-time collection of agricultural work information, reducing farming costs and raising crops It is expected to be a great help for.

Regarding the field of collaboration, although it will be mainly used for agricultural field for the moment, it is obvious that we will naturally expand to other fields by looking at the time. However, it seems that entry into "consumer machines" for general users is not considered, and it is said that providing the total solution including Solo which has extremely high performance is the most important issue .

About the price which you care about depends on the application (site of use) to be incorporated, it can not be said unconditionally, but it is said that it is kept in mind that it will provide "premium prestige function" for high-end users about. Technical innovation in the agricultural field is not far from the usual for people who are not involved in agriculture in general, but in the place where general consumers do not know, technology has developed rapidly and I realized that the situation is rapidly changing.

Smart DRONE's 3DR Solo, the center of this project. The appearance of deploying four rotors on four arms is similar to the DJI Phantom series, but it is quite a fearless impression thanks to the coloring that was blacked out.

3DR is known to be in intimate relationship with GoPro, and Anderson has described this dron as "the best GoPro shooting drone".

The original gimbal is carried and we realize a highly stable image.

It is designed to connect with a dedicated controller using Wi-Fi, and it is possible to maneuver and communicate from a place that is about 1 km away. It has advanced autopilot function, it downloads automatically acquired data on hand at Wi-Fi and uploads data to cloud, it enables advanced processing and data management. As a solution that can automatically and precisely realize farmland management from the sky which was impossible by human eyes, without using expensive equipment such as helicopters, the stage where the drone is used is about to begin is.

After the presentation, Mr. Anderson held a seminar on Industrial Utilization of Drone.

In the past, the concept of "connecting by satellite" was spoken using artificial satellites floating in space, it was difficult to realize it in the face of various tasks, but it is the drone that makes this possible That's what Anderson thinks. Many things have been digitized (digitized) by the development of computers in the last 20 years, but the society in which people actually live is hardly digitized. The concept of filling that gap was to digitize by sensing the world using a drone was told.

Using his episode that his grandfather was the inventor of "sprinkler with timer", Mr. Anderson says, "Think that drone is like an automatic timer type sprinkler, it flies automatically automatically at the fixed time every day, We will return to the original position by doing a fixed assignment of "data collection." Humans do not have much consciousness about it, and utilize the harvested "data", and more accurate and efficient agriculture We will be able to enjoy ", he predicts that the society using drone and robots in the field of agriculture and research will be the actual one soon. This is the arrival of a big opportunity in big data technology, we talked about living in that era and told that the time when drone becomes "tool" from "hobby" is really about to come .

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