Even a lawyer thinks that "lawyers will be replaced by artificial intelligence within 10 years"

Researchers at Oxford University released "(PDF file)The Future Of Employment (future of employment)"As a" profession to be lost after 10 years ", occupations in various fields such as real estate agents, hotel receptionists, and projector technicians were cited, and it became a hot topic. In that list "ParalegalThere was a profession that supported lawyers at a law office called "lawyer", but in reality many of the lawyers (partners) in the management class think that even young lawyers will be superseded by artificial intelligence It is clear from the survey that it is.

U of T students' artificially intelligent robot signs with Dentons law firm - The Globe and Mail

IBM's Artificial Intelligence System at Toronto University "WatsonStarted up with students who had been conducting research on artificial intelligence using "NextLaw Labs"Is developing software" ROSS "that conducts paperwork handling related to laws. ROSS is not just a database, it seems to have the ability to answer given legal problems by using Watson's artificial intelligence technology to search and refer to millions of precedents and legal documents.

Looking at the high capability of this ROSS, the major Canadian law firmDentonsI have funded NextLaw Labs. Of course, Dentons is cooperating with NextLaw Labs' ROSS development even at the practical level. Within Dentons, ROSS has already been practically used as a database on bankruptcy law as well as case search, and the program seems to be improving day by day.

While admitting that ROSS is still in its early stages of development, Dentons' partner lawyer, "While understanding the legal concepts through questions, they learned like human beings and gained experience We can say, "We can grow," and we highly appreciate the potential of ROSS.

Although it is ROSS replacing paper materials such as judicial collections and legal sentences with computer systems more and more, it is expected to replace "people" in the near future. In other words, not only paralegals that support practice at law firms, but even lawyers will replace computers.

Survey report "(PDF file) created based on a partner lawyer's questionnaire of 320 firms with more than 50 lawyers in the United States.2015 LAW FIRMS IN TRANSITIONAccording to the answer to the question "Is it thought that artificial intelligence will be replaced by a law practitioner within 5 to 10 years", picked up in the management class lawyer who said that paralegal will be replaced 47%, 37% said that the first year's new lawyers will be replaced. Furthermore, 13.5% of lawyers are the result of the shock that we believe that even the same partner class as their own is being replaced by artificial intelligence.

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