Screenplay Bob Gale talks innocently at the 30th anniversary of "Back to the future"

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movies"Back to the FutureIt was published in 1985. Thirty years have passed since 2015, the stage for the sequel's "Back to the Future Part 2" came. In answering the answers of the "future life" depicted in the movie, things that could not be imagined at the time are also appearing in reality, but still three part copies are still popular There is no doubt that it is a movie. In the year of such memorial, I made a script for the workBob GaleMr. Answer interviewed, I am revealing the story of the planning process, production site, setting etc.

An Interview with Back to the Future Co-Writer / Producer Bob Gale | The Hundreds

Although there is only a part, there is also a part with video.

A Conversation with Back to the Future Co-Creator Bob Gale - YouTube

As mentioned above, the stage of "Back to the future Part 2" was the first work "The Future After Thirty Years" and it was in 2015. If it is the street of the movie, tomorrow · On 21st October 2015 Marties are coming to "future" from 1985. Mr. Bob Gale who created that future responds to The Hundreds' interview that "I never thought that it will be a movie that can be enjoyed even after thirty years."

· About Michael J. Fox serving as Marty McFly
As one of the famous episodes at the time of production,Michael J. FoxBeforeEric StoltzIt was said that he served as Marty's role.

Originally Gayle and others were eyesing Fox, but Fox wrote a drama "Family Tides"I was giving up because I was busy and I appointed Stolz. However, even after six weeks of shooting, Mr. Gale and others who did not fit Stort 's acting Marty, decided to drop Stoltz. Again, I consulted with a producer of Family Ties whether there is a plan to have Fox interchange. If the shooting time is available, we got an answer of OK even if it got out there, accepted Fox 's approval, and recorded it with Family Tides' shooting time removed. However, the restraint time of the Family Ties was long until 18 o'clock on Monday to Thursday and 22 o'clock on Friday, and Mr. Gail said that it was "foolish thing" at that time.

I felt that "back to the future" might be hit when I was filming the scene of 'Enchanted Deep Sea Party' at Whittier High School in March 1985. There was no audience when Stolz was filming the same scene in December of the previous year, but the rumor that Fox comes is calling people, it seems that the staff could make seven-folds of people to see at first glance.

By the way, Michael J. Fox at that time was treated as "TV star". As of 2015, movies and television are very close, it is not uncommon for people active in television to go to the movies, while movie stars go out on the television to the contrary, but there was no such atmosphere at the time, movies The staff seemed to be attitude of "TV star? I do not need it for my movies" thinking that TV star should not be put into the movie. However, Mr. Gayle said that he did not care about the custom, he looked at the Family Ties and said, "Fox is a good actor, perfect for our work," he said.

· About Christopher · Lloyd of Doku (Dr. Emmet · Brown) role
It was Marty's "homie" that he played Doku in the movieChristopher Lloyd. Published in 1975On the cuckoo's nest"People in the film world who are said to be major film debut, but on televisionSitcomHe also appeared in "taxi" for several years and gained popularity. Appearance to "Back to the Future" is a movie released in 19848 Dimensional Galaxy of Bacallo BanzaiIt seems that there was a chance that the co-producer of Mr. Gale would meet in person.

Whereas Michael J. Fox was a friendly type, Lloyd is very shy. Even rehearsal is quiet, but when it comes to the voice of "action", it means that it was instantaneously Doku.

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· About second and later works
At the time of making the first work "Back to the Future", it was totally uncertain of the sequel. Jennifer whose evidence is Marty's lover,Robert ZemeckisThe director says, "When I was thinking of the sequel from the beginning, I did not put Jennifer on the car in the first installment of the first installment."

While Part 2 is overlapping with the last one, while Doku watching the future goes to 2015 with Marty and Jennifer, Jennifer is not a character that has been knocked in there, and a story is also for Jennifer Because there was no part considered, Jennifer of Part 2 was only sleeping or being stunned most of the time. Cast isClaudia WellsFromElizabeth ShoeIt is because it decided that Wells' mother was diagnosed as cancer and not going to the sequel during the filming of the first film, so it does not seem to have any particular relation with the contents of the role.

In terms of cast change, he played Marty's father George McFlyCrispin GroverAlso the first appearance is only cast. According to Mr. Gale, although he had also appeared in the sequel, he did not get in touch with the performance fee. For this reason, except for the first diverted scenes in Part 2 and Part 3Jeffrey WeissmanIt played, especially in Part 2 that George was killed by Bif so that George would not come out.

· Bob Gale himself supported the setting
Management of time and space becomes important in the works of time travel, but Mr. Gail said that back-to-the-future did not hire specialists in particular.

Originally to Mr. Gail, as a childH · G · WellsNovel "Time Machine"And I have accumulated that he has read numerous time travel items by the university.

Also one of the reasons is that the logic of the actual space-time space and the logic in the movie are not the same. The representative thing is a picture that becomes a key item in any trilogy work. In the process, Marty's appearance reflected in the photograph diminishes, which indicates that there is a case that is leading to something historical alteration. In fact, if such a historical alteration occurs, "Marty in the photograph will fade away" Far from it, the photograph itself should disappear, but the presentation can be shown visually clearly to the audience by the production . In addition, by telling the basic concept of time travel to Marty who is under construction and ignorant, it is made to be transmitted to the audience as well.

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· About the sequel (Part 4)
Since this is only a popular work, the voice that wants the sequel is many after the release of Part 3, but director Robert Zemecki made a negative opinion in the pamphlet of Part 3, and Mr. Gale also clearly states "not there" this time did. The reason is "Who do you want to see BTTF without Michael J. Fox?" Fox closed the actor industry due to Parkinson's disease. Recently it is little by little but I am returning to work. There is also a way to change casts, Mr. Gale said, "Nobody wants to see it even if you make someone a new marty," this is also negative.

Furthermore, in comparison with the reunion of the band, "I remember the time when the Beatles broke up," Even if asked why you should re-create it, "No, I do not want to see it, as much as we expect It will not be good, "he said.

Although universal movies seems to be able to make sequels even without Mr. Gale, Gale and others are currently producing musicals in which new stories of back to the future are drawn, so universal movies are like that He said that he never goes to an unreasonable means. This work is directed by Mr. Gale and Director Zemeckis, so I will not make it public unless it is satisfying, so I told that everyone including the fans will be able to be happy.

It seems he thought of various things as the idea of ​​the sequel after the first work was over. One is that Marty flew in 1967, disturbing the honeymoon of George and Lorein (when he was younger) and also falling into a crisis. This idea progressed to the screenplay stage, it was canceled because it is the same as what I did in the first work.

The other is a story that a Doc mother comes back till the 1920s. In this idea, it seems that there was an opinion that it would be interesting if Christopher Lloyd serving as a dog acts as a mother.

· About the new appearance of Doc and Marty
Christopher Lloyd has a number of offers for the role of Doku while Michael J. Fox is absent due to the end of the movie trilogy, and in close proximity to Seth McFarlane's director · starring movie "Wilderness is hard - With love from Arizona ~"I'm a cameo star.

Regarding "Doku", universal movies carefully handle offers, Mr. Gail et al. Became "gatekeepers" and refusing about offer not suited to the image as doc. However, Seth · McFarlane is also a big fan of back to the future, it seems that the appearance has been realized.

In the immediate future, CM of Toyota's hydrogen car, which Michael J. Fox appeared as Marty with Doku, has been produced and released.

"Diner" | Back to the Future | Presented by Toyota Mirai - YouTube

· About Part 3
The question of "Is it necessary to have Part 3 in a trilogy work, but was necessary," Of course, if it is not, it will not be "trilogy" "Gail laughed away Mr.

Regarding the western part, Gale and Director Zemecki were both raised in western play, and the work itself is expressed as "a romantic classic adventure novel". "If there is a problem, it is a part that everyone does not evaluate the West play much, but it is a good thing," he talked about the merit of the work with love. As for the question as to which one of the three works you like, if you choose one, there are examples like Lear King, so 3 works are good, and after preposition, "The first work is particularly good as it is original" I answered.

In the "Back to the Furure: The Ultimate Visual History" released on October 20 (Tuesday), there are stories that have not been revealed elsewhere, and various visuals are posted. Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History: Michael Klastorin, Randal Atamaniuk:

In addition, in commemoration of the day of the "future" that Marties had visited at the back to the future Part 2, in October 21, 2015, only from 11 o'clock to 17 o'clock, the share ride service "LyftMcFly mode appears. It seems that if you are in Manhattan you can call Delorian.

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2015/10/23 12: 10 postscript:
Full version of the image "Diner" that appears in the article, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd appearing "Fueled by the Future"Was released to the public.

Fueled by the Future | Back to the Future | Presented by Toyota Mirai - YouTube

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