"Google Chrome 46" stable release, 24 security fixes fixes

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Web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux Google Chrome latest stable version "Chrome 46.0.2490.71"Has been released.

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Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

Although it is said that the latest version "Chrome 46.0.2490.71" contains many bug fixes and functional improvements, there is no specific explanation of the function yet,Google Chrome BlogYaChromium BlogDetails will be explained in. For security related fixes24 casesThere are four of them, of which the risk level is "high".

A state in which HTTP used for web data transfer is encrypted by SSL or TLS is referred to as "HTTPSIt is expressed as. A minor error may exist in this HTTPS, and in the case of a minor error confirmed in past Chrome, we warned by displaying a yellow triangle icon on the URL bar, but the latest version of Chrome The yellow triangle icon is hidden from 46, and the normal icon which is the same as in normal HTTP communication is displayed. This minor error is an error that appears when an HTTP image or the like is embedded in HTTPS page.

Google Chrome is automatically updated to the latest version even if it is abandoned, but if you want to update now, click "About Google Chrome" from "Help and Overview" from the menu on the right.

Then check for updates started.

If it has not been updated to the latest version, "Restart" button appears. When you click on this ... ....

You can update to the latest version "Chrome 46.0.2490.71".

Incidentally,Beta version of Chrome 46So, improvements in the speed of image loading and the ability to not automatically play movies on the background tab are added, but it is unknown whether these functions are also added to the stable version.

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