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In "Tokijima Asobi" which is held in Tokushima city, in addition to the events related to animation, the trial gathering and the talk show of the latest game are being held. Continuing from the previous round, producers from various game companies gathered to show off a casual talk "Game creator talk show"Was held also in Machi ★ Asobi vol.15.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.15 2015.09.26 ~ 10.12 held

Hiroshi Matsuyama, president of CyberConnect - 2, will serve as a facilitator of "Game Creator Talk Show". The question is "Are you enjoying Asobi?", The venue is exciting since the talk began.

In the talk show, CapcomShintaro KojimaProducer, Ark System WorksMori ToshimichiProducer, Sega · InteractiveMakoto OsakiProducer, Namco Bandai EntertainmentYusuke TomizawaProducer and five other producers of Nanno Nanboshi of Bandai Namco Entertainment also appeared. Kojima producer hurriedly dropped from the mountaintop stage and met with a talk soon.

The first topic is "Introducing the latest titles" and many producers in charge of the series, "The difficulties and interesting points of the series work and what I keep in mind in order to make works beyond the previous work."

While the producers fill out the answers in the flip, when Matsuyama president asked "Who are you from Shikoku?", About half of the venues were from local people.

Kojima Producer released the latest monster hunter series "Monster Hunter Cross"I am keeping in mind" To think about the next story when making the title now. " Although it is possible to trial and error in the vicinity of the beginning of game production, it seems that it is making it the power of the next work because of the idea that "I wanted to do this!" At the adjustment stage of the finished game. Since series items are required to exceed the previous work, it is said that they are constantly stocking material to overcome. Matsuyama president also agreed that game production is a dilemma in the second half.

Mori ProducerBLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION"I was in charge of the point that I am struggling with" budget ". Producer of NAMCO BANDAI NAMCO and a producer 's arm' s showroom and comment on how to get the budget after the second work. Mori producer seems to persuade him to talk hotly and sell more than the previous work at an in-house meeting. As the cheering of fans is the power of creators, scenes that we ask the audience that they do not hit it too much.

Osaki ProducerHatsune Miku - Project DIVA - XJust announced, "In addition to"Ship this Arcade"We are making intensive efforts. The point of struggle is "in-house understanding", for exampleOutrunWhen I was consulted for a remake of the story, I am glad that I can play the game I was playing, but a story that suffered that it is difficult to exceed the work that hit globally, "Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2"When I made it, revealed the story that" The second number is roughly the number dropped down "I was told. Even though it is interesting to say that it is interesting, it is difficult to provide past interests in the same way, so it seems that the idea is to keep in mind other than past fans so as not to add too much elements.

Tomizawa Producer came with God Eater a couple of years with Machi ★ Asobi, now the original GOD EATER was reborn "God Eater ResurrectionI am in charge of. The most conscious thing is "battle against user's growth", although GOD EATER has been five years since the first generation, it is still close to the active role for young people who played at a highly sensed time rather than an old game It seems that I am clearly aware that "How old are the users who were old?" It is said that it is important to keep pace with the user while keeping pace with the user, and it seems that God Eater Resurrection was made with emphasis on the degree of freedom to prey the enemy and the tempo of the action at any time. In Machi ★ Asobi vol 15, 300 people took part in the trial even on the first day, and said that they are happy with more play numbers than the Tokyo Game Show.

The game that Shinano producer is in charge is also exhibition booth at Machi ★ Asobi vol.15 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven". Always keep in mind about how to bring out new charm, Eyes of Haven "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle"To completely different direction and to revolutionize 3 dimensional action 2 vs 2 fighting fighting game to bring out the attraction of JoJo.

In addition, as emphasis unique to Shinno producer working with CyberConnect - 2, "Matsuyama Hiroshi Control" emphasizes in the deficit that it is the hardest thing. It was a great excitement for both the speaker and the hall.

The next issue is to talk about games and comic strips made by other creators other than yourself, saying "Which titles do you personally enjoy releasing?"

Kojima producer loves Star Wars, and "Tokyo Game Show" announced "Star Wars battle front"It seems that the reproduction of the world view of the movie is very pleasing and highly enjoyable. The forest producer sitting next to me is also looking forward to the "all entering" feeling of the Star Wars battlefront, and other director Hideaki AnnoGAMERAIt is pleasant and inevitable, in the novel, the animation broadcast just finished is "overloadHe said he likes the cruelty of the hero.

Osaki producer likes western geek, "Rainbow Six"When"Call of Duty"It seems that I am looking forward to the latest work of. "Rainbow Six" has a feeling that it has gone too far in the future and personally hopes for a remake because he wants to shoot a gun bang bang. Mr. Matsuyama asked "Do you like FPS?" To all the people who were on the stage for the Nintendo 64 "Golden Eye 007I agree that it was the best. Osaki producer said that while FPS has not yet penetrated much in Japan, he says that he wants to make FPS of someday one day.

Tomizawa producer's anxious title is "Persona 5". A new PV was announced at the Tokyo Game Show, and although the postponement of the release was announced, I was hoping that "I will wait!"

In addition, Mr. Matsuyama is born from Asobi as a flip named "Newly published by Mr. Hiroshi Matsuyama", and the margin is born and a book of the 20th anniversary of Cyber ​​Connect to 20 is announced, "Although I have not drawn so much, "The number of letters has decreased considerably ... ..." I talked the story behind.

Shinno producer is looking forward to the new work of Monhan who can play games with everyone, and he seems to be playing GOD EATER and Monhan gathering together in the company of BANDAI NAMCO. In addition, Monhan is a game the Shinno producer is playing alone with his wife. From the producer Kojima, there was a comment that the past multi-player game was fighting or fighting, but Monhan dared to truthfully oppose "cooperation play" so it would be nice to be used as a community tool .

The next question is "What do you expect from next generation creators?" So what would you like for creators in their twenties or thirties? The question.

Kojima producer seems to say that "Beat the seniors!" Even in the company. Even though young creators have good ideas, they will have a prejudice to participate in long series titles, so they want me to say "My old man's thought is old!" Since my uncle is not going to lose at all, he told me he would like to climb and rise.

Forest producer "I want you to exceed imagination & I want you to feel frustrated." As a creator, it seems that you want a stimulus to make something more than a work made by young people.

The Osaki producer who says that "The spirit of power, knowing or blur is important" is important, it is important to do what you think is right, if you fail to listen to the opinions of people easily, it will not be reflected, so the first challenge I want you to hit me with the idea of ​​"knowing or blurring".

Tomizawa producer tells "to play new communication" from the point of view of the game's aim, and although the game is always at the center of play, the style of visiting friends' houses that have NES such as in the past As they are changing more and more from them, I hope young people who are sensitive to the flow of new communication will create how to entertain users and what kind of fun they are coming up with.

As Shinno producer is in the dreamy gaming industry, he says he wants to cherish "excitement". There are youngsters who forget the feeling of excitement in the organization when they are put in the organization, so if you are talking about new things without giving up with passion ... ... Mr. Matsuyama 's excitement! Sharp poke comes into it.

In the end, "About the future", Kojima producer commented that it was good to have Monchhan brought to Machi ★ Asobi which is close in distance to the customer. Mori Producer 's "Although I was only involved in sales, this year I want to participate in the spirit and participate, so I hoped for you to wait and expectation" The meeting place was very rough. Osaki producer, Hatsune Miku will soon be on its 10th anniversary, so comment that please also expect new developments of the game. Tomizawa producer announces the animation broadcasting event after the talk show, and furthermore it is scheduled to broadcast Nico students at the end of the year toward the 6th anniversary of GOD EATER. Shinno producer said "I will do my best not to let it burn up so that I can set up in such a place again" with a fair voice. Finally Mr. Matsuyama announced the new smartphone RPG which made up the flow of ".hack" and announcement schedule of 20th anniversary of cyber connect to announce the talk show in great success.

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