If the CPU such as iPhone 6s is made by Samsung and the battery does not have more than TSMC, the method to check is

The iPhone 6s / 6s Plus adopts two kinds of "A9" processors manufactured by two companies of Samsung and TSMC, but "According to which A9 processor is installed, the theoretical battery holding is 50 minutes Also different point is coming out.

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According to Chipworks, It is said that the two A9 processors differ from the size in the first place. As you can see from the figure below, the size of the Samsung A9 processor is 96 square mm, TSMC's processor is 104.5 square mm, and it can be seen that TSMC's processor is one size larger when superimposed I will.

Also, when Mac Rumors tested the battery endurance time of iPhone 6s equipped with two A9 processors, the TSMC processor was 7 hours 50 minutes, whereas the Samsung processor was 6 hours and 5 minutes There is a result that about 1 hour 45 minutes difference is born. MacRumors did several tests, but the results are said to be the same.

TSMC's A9 Chip Outperforming Samsung's in Early iPhone 6s Battery Benchmarks - Mac Rumors

Furthermore, the result of the benchmark test is this. The left TSMC processor has more battery power than the right Samsung processor.

When TechCrunch asked Apple about the above points, Apple said, "We did our own tests and gathered data from users who used real devices in the weeks since the devices were released, but the actual battery life The difference is 2 to 3%. " It is said that it is a level that makes little difference as much as the user's daily use.

There is a difference between the result of the benchmark test and the answer of Apple, but this is not the result of benchmark test by Apple that can collect data directly from the terminal how the user is using the terminal Because it is guiding answers from data such as "How users use applications in the real world, when is the peak of CPU operation?" Apple explained that benchmark tests that stress CPUs are not reality-aware usage, "easy to misunderstand".

You can check which chip is installed in your iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus from the following applications.

Lirum Device Info Lite - System Monitor on the App Store

Tap "Get" when accessing the above page.

Tap "Install" ......

Open the application after the installation is completed.

When the application starts up, the following screen opens, so check the part of "Model". In the iPhone 6s Plus I tried this time, it was displayed as "N66mAP".

· For iPhone 6s
"N71AP": made by Samsung
"N71 mAP": made by TSMC

· For iPhone 6s Plus
"N66AP": made by Samsung
"N66mAP": made by TSMC

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