Headline news on September 25, 2015

The official title of the latest Macross series is "Macross Delta (Delta)It was announced that it was. As a catch phrase to the key visual, a word "shoot down" is added. We will broadcast live production production schedule from 12 o'clock Thursday, October 29th.

MACROSS PORTAL SITE | NEWS | New work "Macross Delta (Delta)" official title & 1st key visual announcement!

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Emma Watson's nude spillage turned out to be a successful PR strategy - GIGAZINE

Mosquitoes to eradicate dengue appeared - GIGAZINE

I tried to play the application "S.M.T.H." Which was banned from the App Store on Android smartphone - GIGAZINE

Patlabor's new work is directed by Mamoru Oshii's original "THE NEXT GENERATION -PATLABOR-" - GIGAZINE

"Kitten Train" children who follow 6 weeks of age follow the owner like a train - GIGAZINE

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First time to identify microorganisms living by electricity | RIKEN

Creatures on the earth are supported by organic matter produced by photosynthetic organisms and chemical synthetic organisms. Photosynthetic organisms use sunlight as energy and chemically synthesized organisms produce sugars and amino acids from carbon dioxide by using chemical substances such as hydrogen and sulfur as energy. These organisms serve as a starting point for the food chain and support life activities on the planet including human beings.

On the other hand, very recently, the existence of microorganisms (electric synthetic microorganisms) living in electricity has begun to attract attention as organisms that synthesize third organic matter to replace photosynthesis and chemical synthesis. In particular, it is argued that there is a possibility that electrosynthetic microorganisms utilizing electric current flowing through the ocean floor may become primary producers of the deep sea life zone in environments where the living creatures such as deep ocean floor and underground can use it extremely It is.

Collaborative research team has revealed that abundant rocks that pass electricity well in deep ocean, and that heat and chemical energy stored in magma are converted into electric energy through rock Did. However, microorganisms capable of cell growth using this current have not been identified. Also, the metabolic pathways required for microorganisms to utilize electric energy have not been elucidated.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Huge darkness that the VW diesel exhaust gas incident broke open: Nikkei Business Online

This case of VW is never for everyone else, even for other finished car manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, most diesel passenger cars on the market are emitting NOx more than the reference value, which means that many manufacturers think that "this degree will be acceptable" Respectively. Perhaps the VW engineers thought that deviations from this level of tolerance were acceptable, for the reasons mentioned above. Otherwise, it is a small market for VW and can not explain this danger.

Before this incident happens, the difference between the amount of emissions in the real world and the value measured in the laboratory is a problem, and the argument that the level of exhaust gas should be measured on the actual public roads, . This case of VW will further accelerate the introduction of exhaust gas measurement in such real world.

German Volkswagen emissions fraud - "cheating" was thus revealed - Bloomberg

Investigators of the committee repeated the meeting with VW engineers for months, and VW recalled about 500,000 in December of the same year, he said that the problem will be solved. However, when the committee inspected again, the situation remained almost unchanged after repairing. The committee staff continued to ask the VW for an answer, but the VW side just said that there was a problem with examination methods and adjustment of inspection equipment.

However, no matter how many times the test was repeated, the results differed on the street and at the test site, and the investigators began to examine the data stored in the car's computer to a considerable mystery. Finally, we found software that identifies whether or not exhaust gas inspection is underway from the movement of steering wheel. VW had incorporated this software into the module to control the engine from 09 to 15 years.

At the end of September 3 this year, a technician of VW, who kept obstructing the investigation at nine conferences, turned white. "Before the accumulation of evidence and data we gathered, they literally excluded seeds," stanley young spokesman for the Atmospheric Resources Commission said.

German VW, new CEO to Porsche responsible Mueller nominated = Relationship sources | Reuters

BMW denies corruption - News on "X 3" diesel exhaust gas - Bloomberg

Volkswagen Emission Gas Fraud NHK News in Europe

There is no necessity to "cheat" in Europe, fine work for exhaust gas inspection is legal - Bloomberg

A car that is inspected in Europe is called "Golden Sample" and it is quite different from the car actually sold, said Tsuef Zoot's spokeswoman, Vincenzo Luca. After removing various mounting parts, cars are said to be 100 to 150 kg lighter than cars actually sold.

Request for "loophole" in automobile exhaust gas test, lobbying by French, French and English or one outflow photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

"It is totally hypocritical to say that we are doing lobbying behind the scenes while requesting investigation of EU against fraud of VW and at the same time sweeping the new examination."

Oirase Stream 'Moss table' is peeled off | Hebei Shimbun online news

NHK news to form Minister in charge of prime minister "100 million total active society"

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Nikkan Gendai | Activities resumed After applying for interview to the Drone boy "30 minutes 5000 yen"

Suspicion of inappropriate book incorporation Ebina City Municipal Central Library Designated Management Tsukushima City Education Confirmation with Selection by Selection | Canaroko | Kanagawa Newspaper News

Tokyo Newspaper: 80,000 yen a day Drug Discussion Conflict Apply for Hepatitis C Insurance Application: Politics (TOKYO Web)

CNN.co.jp: 717 deaths and fatalities increasing deaths, punishing in Mecca pilgrimage

VW exhaust gas illegal diesel is the end? Is Japan OK? | THE PAGE (THE PAGE)

Yamamoto representative who will face voting with beads in mourning appearance Strict attention NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

Yamazaki made bread mold another technique that does not allow | FOOCOM.NET

The interestingness of the story of potassium bromate stuff (although it is not interesting to officials of Yamazaki bakery, it is not an interesting place) is a plausible theory because it is raped up for reasons that are completely unrelated "mold is difficult to grow" It is where it is said. Anyway, it is because the level of hygiene control of the factory is high, the cooling and packaging after baking are automated, and it is difficult for microorganisms to contaminate Yamazaki bread bread. The Yokohama No. 2 factory that I covered was an old factory built 39 years ago, and a part of the floor was surprised by the wooden flooring, but it was clearly understood that the cleaning was carefully used.
The popular "lunch pack" for young people is promoted automation, it is sliced ​​bread and a pair of ingredients are placed, it takes only 1 minute and 40 seconds to cut off the ear and pack it up. The accumulation of detailed technological innovation prevents contamination of microorganisms.

In addition, in the interview with the factory, I was told that there is another reason why the bread of Yamazaki bakery is less moldy than homemade bread of homes and town bakeries. The bread making method is different. This is common sense in the industry, but consumers know little.

I was reunited with a girlfriend who cheated on me at a hospital one year later. She told me she was sorry that she hurt many times over and over while crying. Results of cheating survey

Current affairs dot com: infants, tooth brushing accidents Caution! = Emergency transportation, last year 40 people - fallen mouth injuries, 1 year old children many

[Sad news] It turns out that lack of sleep leads to a decrease in IQ Expert "It is as low as people with learning disabilities" | Life Hack Channel 2

I tried mixed-bathing with my bride wwwwwwwwwwwwwww: Kinyaki

What happened with Volkswagen? The fierce power struggle fierce behind the exhaust gas "corruption" The whole of Germany is shaking | Kawaguchi Mann Emi "Stuttgart communication" | Modern business [Kodansha]

I am addicted to luxury hotel Lodging: Kini speed

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2 Channel summary To all blog operators

2 Channel Conclusion The following actions are prohibited in writing blog posts.

· Creating stealth marketing articles
· Fabrication and modification of content of the contents

However, with respect to the modification according to the mode below, it is assumed that it does not correspond to forgery or modification
· To obscure personal information and obscene words
· Exclude the URL if the link destination violates the public order and morals or infringes the portrait right of the individual
· Posting an article summarizing the thread contents of the breaking news (disgusting) board
· Posting a summary article without linking to the original thread
· Posting a summary article without setting up specified advertisement from 2 ch.net (applicable from November 1, 2015)

【Event Report】 Overview of next generation serial SCSI "SAS - 4" of 24 Gbps - PC Watch

Things to think when presenting | SOTA

"UPQ Phone A 01" Request for Collection of Initial Shipment | UPQ Corporation (UPQ)

People who fall into the installment review at the time of purchase of iPhone 6s are topics. This time is strict: IT bulletin

Interchangeable lens for K-mount digital single lens camera "HD PENTAX-D FA 24-70 mm F 2.8 ED SD W W" New Release | RICOH IMAGING

Google Play Services 7.8 - Introducing Nearby - Google Developer Japan Blog

Troubleshooting: IIJmio can be used with iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

It's a good opportunity to organize the current state of home servers - Love Live Drive Development

We released a plug-in called Content Template Engine that enables the Twig template engine in the content area of ​​WordPress. | Firegoby

Things I found by managing 1500 volumes of self-cookbook dropbox - soanblog Genius

When I got ad blocked, I changed the blog text to Kansai 's elegant LPO - Because the sun was blazing

SoftBank SELECTION Launches Elveat Systems' Wireless Home Sensor "Eve" | SOFTBANK COMMERCE & SERVICE CORPORATION | Group Companies | Corporate · IR | SOFTBANK Group

· Synchronize room temperature, humidity, air quality (status of organic chemicals in the air) instantly to iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. Monitoring is possible.
· By linking with Siri, you can check the temperature and humidity by voice.

What to do when watchOS 2 installation does not proceed while being verified - Always minor change!

Saito Norihiko × IPFbiz ~ Individual inventor who won patents on Apple ~ (second part) Litigation The issue of the story behind the story and intellectual property justice

How to make three dimensions from two dimensions? A story that when I moved Blender in the server I was surprised - pixiv inside

Reason why "bloggers" regularly renewing for more than 3 years sharply decrease - Naka-dori Kazusa not reading air

1. Stop update due to changes in living environment
2. I am tired of writing a blog
3. There is no time to enjoy the hobby itself in the time to write a blog of hobbies Dilemma
4. Stagnation period and reduced motivation
5. Go to other expression media
6. The title is not 'blogger' but another thing
7. Blog Block on the dark side
8. I think I should do it as I like

NGINX, web server Publish JavaScript "nginScript" available on NGINX: CodeZine (code gin)

Hurdle and merit of introducing LINE to kids' association ─ ─ Codera Research Institute Family Department (49) | Cybozu formula

Information share of young generation is done by capture instead of link? | Slad IT

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

Skills required for smartphone developers in 2015 | My savepoint

We anticipate that from the latter half of 2015 to 2016, "smartphone that seems to be a game for real-time multiplayer" and "smartphone integrated somehow with real world" will increase more.
Developers will be more culled and I think that the skills required of smartphone developers will become bloated so that they can develop smartphone more efficiently.

"Programmers can program" to "programmers can also do xxx in addition to programming".
"From the designer can design it" to "the designer can also add ○ ○ ○ in addition to the design".
"From planner can plan" to "Planner can do ○○○ in addition to plan".

○○○ enters team management, education, planning (other than planner), data mining (planner), familiar with iOS or Andrroid (client engineer).
The server side engineer also understands the front end, and the front end engineer needs to be able to understand the server side as well.

In other words, if there is something else besides the main skill, I think that it will be censored even as a smartphone developer.

Himosaile / Akiko Higashimura 【2nd string cord】 Higazai 1st class !!! - Morning · Afternoon · Evening Joint Web Comic Site Moai

Five new secret of "Manga library Z" - Forbidden power to destroy demons - - People in J Comic Terrace Co., Ltd.

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Giant killing in sports - a story of big upsets by sports - a football report of pal - 9999

Even if you say sports as a bite, there are such sports with great upsides and sports where no big ups occur at all. It is often said that "I do not know until the game is done", but in reality, there are sports that will know the result before doing. It is said that such sports are required to have a certain level of equilibrium for fighting force when making it professional. Conversely, in the case of football and baseball, there are many upsets, so prediction of results is extremely difficult for only one game. So, even if we do not balance the fighting force, even if we manage inequality leagues themselves, we can also view that attractiveness of the game itself will not be impaired.

Of course some people say "rugby and hands are boring because Jaikiri does not happen." People like football and baseball, I think that many people like that. Meanwhile, in America there are words such as May the best team win, meaning "like the best team will win", but "the team that is not suitable for victory wins" is soccer and I am playing baseball. Rugby and hands are basically strong teams and sports, so practice and efforts will not betray players. Some people say it is a good place for rugby and hands.

Painful news (No ∀ `): Topics on" World's most proud Japanese songs 10 "are too cruel - Livedoor blog

Olympic emblem experts conference Net specialist to appoint NHK News

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Who's the lady behind SMAP? M St Hamasaki Ayumi's viewers' noises to deteriorate - Livedoor blog

"Fight Club" (1999) - Ito Secret History Hatena Version

By the way, the last scene of this movie, a moment just before the movie goes to the staff roll, Fincher's amazing "malice" is set up. Because there are only 2 frames (12/1 second) of video, some people may not know what they are showing, but something is obvious as to what the movie is supposed to think. I often passed customs, this movie. This moment, which is a duty for customs and euphoria committee members, as well as our audience for "Akanbee" is a mischievous thing to be engraved in the history of the movie.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
R-1 drink type first flavor development "Meiji Provio Yogurt R-1 Drink Type Acerola & Blueberry" New Release

Very popular! "Columno" for Otona "Sticky Stick Columno Special Hot Chilli Taste" Started on October 5 on the nationwide supermarket and other general channels released

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